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Faculty Council

The faculty council structure is required by GR VII A.4.b to facilitate the role of the faculty in setting educational policy.  In the event that the university requires the dean to consult with the faculty on any specific matter, the dean will consult with the Council.

Council Composition (may include tenured and untenured members):

  • Chair
  • Vice chair/chair elect
  • Secretary
  • Past chair
  • Two at-large members
  • Ex officio, non-voting:
    • University Senate representative
    • Dean of Libraries

Terms of Office

The Vice-Chair/Chair Elect shall be elected by the faculty to serve a three year term; one year as chair elect, followed by one year as chair, followed by a one year as past chair.  The secretary and at-large members shall be elected for two year terms.  Terms of the at-large members shall be staggered. No elected council member shall serve more than five (5) consecutive years.

The secretary serves as secretary for both the Council and all faculty meetings.

Election to the Faculty Council

Any librarian I-IV is eligible to serve on the Council.  To be elected chair or vice-chair, the librarian must be tenured.  The Faculty Secretary will conduct a written election in May.  Terms will begin July 1.  A nomination committee composed of the past chair and two other members of the Council will prepare the slate of candidates.  Faculty members may self nominate or be nominated by another librarian. The ballot will include all nominees.  Nominees will run for a specific office.  If there are more than three candidates for an office, a preliminary vote will be held to select the top three candidates who will then run in a second round of voting.   The winner for each office will be the person with the highest number of votes from the ballots returned.

Duties of the Faculty Council:

  • Organize all faculty input on the strategic direction and resource allocation of the libraries
  • Set agenda for faculty meetings
  • Appoint the standing committees of the faculty except in cases where election is required.
  • Establish ad hoc faculty work groups as needed
  • Gather faculty input on dean’s performance between periodic reviews
  • Gather faculty input on faculty performance review process (GR VII A.4.b and GR VII A.4.c)

--For more information see the Library Faculty Rules