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Circulation Policies


Fines, Loss & Damage


**Please return reserve materials to the Circulation Desk.

Policies may differ among libraries. See also Loan Periods by Location.


Overdue Fines

The Libraries are responsible for managing large collections of state-owned materials and must provide an incentive for these materials to be returned in a timely manner. Overdue fines are used as an incentive for borrowers to return library materials after an established, reasonable loan period, so that materials may be properly accounted for and can be made available for other borrowers. Overdue Notices are issued as a courtesy to all library users.

All legitimate objections to library charges will be considered. Problems that do NOT constitute a legitimate basis for consideration are:

  • Lack of knowledge or understanding of Library policies
  • Disagreement with amount or fine structure
  • Inability to pay fines and charges (Payment plan is available)
  • Unwillingness to take responsibility for materials checked out to you and loaned to a third party
  • Failure to receive or read an overdue or courtesy notice
  • Fines accrued during vacation or University holidays

The Libraries would much rather have items returned on time than to charge fines. Please return library materials on time and avoid overdue fines.

Note: Please keep your address current in the Library System. Unpaid fines may result in suspension of borrowing privileges, the withholding of transcripts and/or diplomas, and/or the blocking of class registration.

Book Fines
$.25 per item per day
Reserve Fines
$.60 per item per hour
Video/DVD Fines
$1.00 per item per day
Group Study Rooms
$.60 per hour per day
Recall Fines
$2.00 per item per day

Periodical Fines
$5.00 per item per day

 NOTE: Although Periodicals from Storage

circulate for 28 days instead of the regular 4 days,

the fines for Storage Periodicals is also $5 per day

Student Laptop Fines
$10.20 per hour

Claims Returned

If you believe you have returned material that is being billed as overdue, please contact the staff at any Circulation Desk to file a Claims Returned card or use this form. Library personnel will search for the material up to three times within a maximum of 60 days. The material will stay charged to you, but a note will be placed in your record to allow you to continue to check out library material while the claim is in process. If the item(s) are found in the library, all charges will be removed. If the material is not found, you will be assessed a lost book charge.

However, if there appears to be a recurring pattern of items claimed to be returned and later found in the stacks, not re-sensitized and still charged to you, you will be charged the appropriate fines. During the claims returned process, you should continue to look for the item(s). If you do find the item(s), return it/them to the library and only the overdue fines will be assessed.

Fine Payments

All fine payments (with exception of lost Medical Center or Law Library books (and Art Equipment) must be paid at William T. Young Library.  Payments of cash, check, credit card (Visa/MasterCard/Discover & American Express) and Plus Account are accepted Monday through Friday, *8:15 a.m. - 3:30 p.m at the Fines Office window to the left of the Circulation Desk.  Credit card payments may be paid over the phone during office hours.  If you get the voice mail:  Please leave your name and number and your call will be returned. For more information, call (859) 218-2025 during office hours.

You may also mail your payment to: Fines Office, 1-50 William T. Young Library, 500 S. Limestone, Lexington KY 40506-0456. Make checks payable to University of Kentucky.

*Young Library Fines Office Hours
Mondays - Fridays: 8:15 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.

Avoid fines by returning all library materials on time.

*We do our very best to maintain the posted hours of operation.  There are times that we have to close.  We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.


Loss of Library Materials


Lost items will be assessed a default replacement plus a non-refundable processing fee.

After 45 days overdue, the library system will declare an item lost and assess a default lost replacement and processing fee.

It a lost item is returned, the replacement fee will be forgiven, however an overdue and/or processing fee will remain.


If material is returned in a damaged condition, the library will determine cost of repair and bill accordingly. For items that cannot be repaired, the library will bill the borrower for replacement cost and a processing fee.