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Reservation Form for Young Library Instruction Rooms 1-57, 1-78, 2-5, 2-2A1, and 2-2A2 (for Consultations/Small Group Meetings)

Rooms 1-57 (Kentucky Colonels Library Instruction Room) and 1-78 are the ONLY rooms reserved through the Information Literacy Department. These rooms are used for library instruction, especially during the first two months of the fall and spring semesters.  Priority will always be given to library instruction requests.  Requests for other library-sponsored activities will be filled if there are no conflicts with any scheduled library instruction. Librarians who need a guaranteed reservation for a computer lab for library training or other library programs during these high instruction times should request one  through Student Computing Services or Audio Visual Services (B108A).

Room 2-2A1, 2-2A2, and 2-5 can be reserved for consultations or small group meetings or training (<5 people)

 If you are requesting a computer lab and are not associated with UK Libraries, please DO NOT use this form.  Please contact the Student Computing Services or Audio Visual Services to reserve one of their computer classrooms.

Generally we will respond to you by e-mail but occasionally might need to call you to clarify something, so please include all of the information requested below. Thank you.


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Select the room you would like to reserve.
Room 1-57 has 12 student workstations and one teacher workstation. 1-57
Room 1-78 has 16 student workstations and one teacher workstation. 1-78

Room 2-2A1 has a flat screen display for laptops (requires VGA cable) and seating for 3 2-2A1
Room 2-2A2 has a flat screen display for laptops (requires VGA cable) and seating for 3 2-2A2
Room 2-5 has 1 workstation and seating for five. 2-5

If your first choice is unavailable, would you accept the alternate room?

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When your request has been processed, your reservation will be confirmed via e-mail. You will also be advised if the room is not available as requested.

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