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EZproxy Problem Report Form

Off-Campus Access to Restricted Resources Using EZproxy

(for University of Kentucky Faculty, Staff and Students only)

Getting Help Using the UK EZproxy Server

If you suspect that the proxy server is not operating, please call the Help Desk at 859-218-HELP (859-218-4357).


EZproxy Server Problem Report/Comment Form

  Place your cursor in the first form box, then use tab to get to the window below to compose your report. We cannot reply to your request unless you include your email address and/or your phone number.


Your Name
(Please include your complete name.)
Bar Code #
(from your student ID or library card)
Day Phone #


1. What Internet Service Provider do you use (e.g., Windstream, Time Warner, AT&T)?

2. What browser do you use (e.g., Internet Explorer (IE), Chrome, Safari, Firefox)?

3. What services or databases could you not access and what error messages did you receive?

4. What is the location of the link to the product you are trying to access? (If you are using a library page link, please include the URL for that page.)

Specify in as much detail as possible what you did and what happened (including error messages you received). Most important is whether the proxy log-in screen showed up. You may also use this text input box for any other proxy service related comments.


your message.