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Library of Congress Call Numbers

Major categories in the LC System are:

    A General Works (Encyclopedias, Almanacs, Directories)

    B Philosophy, Psychology, Religion

                B-BD Philosophy

                BF Psychology

                BH-BJ Ethics

                BL-BX Religion

    C History (Auxiliary Sciences-Archaeology, Genealogy)

    D History (General and all except North and South America)

    E History (General U.S.)

    F History (Local U.S., Canada, Mexico, South America)

    G Geography, Anthropology, Folklore, Dance, Sports

                G-GF Geography, Oceanography

                GN-GT Anthropology, Folklore

                GV Physical Education, Dance

    H Social Sciences

                H General Social Sciences

                HA Statistics

                HB-HJ Economics, Business

                HM-HX Sociology

    J Political Science

    K Law

    L Education

                LB-LC Theory and Practice

                LT Teaching Materials

    M Music

    N Fine Arts

                NA Architecture

                NB-NE Sculpture, Drawing, Painting

                NK Decorative Arts, Crafts

    P Language and Literature

                P Philology and Linguistics

                PA Classical Language and Literature

                PB-PH European Languages

                PJ-PL Oriental and Asian Language and Literature

                PM American Indian Language and Literature

                PN Literary History, Collections, Performing Arts

                PQ French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese Literature

                PR English Literature

                PS American Literature

                PT Germanic Literature

                PZ Fiction and Juvenile Literature

    Q Science

                Q General Science

                QA Mathematics

                QB Astronomy

                QC Physics

                QD Chemistry

                QE Geology

                QH Natural History

                QK Botany

                QL Zoology

                QM Human Anatomy

                QP Physiology

                QR Microbiology

    R Medicine

    S Agriculture

    T Technology

                TA-TK Construction, Engineering

                TL Motor Vehicles, Aeronautics

                TN Mining, Metallurgy

                TR Photography

                TS-TT Manufacturing, Crafts

                TX Home Economics

    U Military Science

    V Naval Science

    Z Bibliography, Library Science