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UK Libraries Mission Statement



As the premier research library in the Commonwealth, we collect, create, organize, manage, preserve, and provide access to information that enables learning and the advancement of knowledge essential to teaching, research and service.


The University of Kentucky Libraries will be one of the nation's twenty best public research libraries, a library recognized world-wide for enriching the intellectual life of the university, the Commonwealth, and the nation.



·         We value cooperation and collaboration.

·         We commit to creating an environment that encourages collegiality.


·         We value innovative ideas and flexible solutions.

·         We commit to providing resources for life-long learning.


·         We value open and honest communication.

·         We commit to the highest standards of personal and professional integrity.

·         We value the trust placed in us by our colleagues and users.


·         We value those we serve.

·         We commit to quality services that meet or exceed our users' expectations.

·         We serve library employees as well as our users.


·         We value the importance of every individual.

·         We commit to an open, accepting, and diverse environment.

·         We treat users and employees with kindness, consideration and compassion