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Off-Campus Access Instructions (Proxy Help)

EZProxy (for off-campus access to restricted electronic resources).



How do I get help? Contact the Circulation Desk: or use this form. Medical Center users may also get help by sending email to

Why am I seeing an error message "That Last Name or Barcode Number was incorrect"? There are several possibilities:

   1. You have a new student ID that has not yet been entered into the library system. Your barcode must be scanned at the library once before you can use it to access resources from off-campus.

   2. Your ID has expired. Barcodes for current students and current faculty/staff are generally re-loaded by the university Human Resources system. If you registered late, changed status, etc. it's possible the automatic update was interrupted. Please come to the Young Library Fines & Fees office to have your status checked and your barcode reactivated.

   3. You are not a current UK student, faculty or staff member. If you are not currently affiliated with UK (e.g., if you have graduated) your barcode will no longer work in the proxy system. Residents of Kentucky can get "Special Borrower" library cards that will allow you to check out books, but these barcodes will not work in the proxy system. (Licensing agreements require that we limit off-campus access to restricted resources to current UK students, faculty and staff only.)

I am seeing this error: We have detected a change to your IP Address for the current session and we are unable to locate a valid EBSCO cookie. You are probably an AOL user who is trying to EBSCOhost. We have found that the modified browser provided by AOL causes some users to have problems using EbscoHost. The best solution is to download a different browser. We recommend FireFox (which is free: You would connect as usual to the internet, then minimize (don't close) AOL and open FireFox.

Designating URLs for Off-Campus Access
Any link to a product that requires the EZProxy server to use off-campus will need the following url prefix placed in front of it:

Immediately after the equals sign "=" will come the complete url for the desired electronic resource. For example, the regular link to "JSTOR" is:

To get the EZProxy server to authenticate and provide access the link should be changed to:

Exception: If you copy a URL from the Electronic Resources list or other links on the Libraries' website that contains the character string lnkr and ends in a number (e.g., is the lnkr link for JSTOR), DO NOT add the ezproxy prefix--it is built into these links).

You are most likely to need to add the proxy prefix to specific item links, e.g., an article in an electronic resource. For example, the following JSTOR article can be accessed via a stable URL:

For off-campus access, it must have the proxy prefix appended:

If you are using BlackBoard, you will need to use a somewhat different string:

All product links in the UK Libraries' web pages, catalog, E-Journals Database, etc. contain this ezproxy prefix. If you have personal links to library resources (e.g., through personal bookmarks, course web pages, departmental web pages, etc.) you must include the ezproxy prefix at the beginning of your links or these resources will not be accessible off-campus. Contact the Circulation Desk for assistance if you have trouble.

I am a UK-employed Agricultural Extension person trying to access material from off-campus.
All UK-employed Agricultural Extension employees are entitled to receive library cards and to use the off-campus (proxy) access to the library’s online resources. To begin this process, please contact Valerie Perry. She is located in the Agricultural Information Center.