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Off-Campus Access Instructions (Proxy Help)

EZProxy (for off-campus access to restricted electronic resources).


How to use EZProxy

link blueQuick instructions: If you are not on campus and you click on a UK Libraries' web link for any proxy-accessible resource, you will be prompted by EZProxy to enter your AD account name or MC account name and password (or your last name and library barcode will work, too) into the log-in boxes. NOTE: If you have an Exchange email account (either an AD or MC account), we recommend you use it for your proxy log-in, especially students (see below for details).

For help or questions about using EZProxy, contact us at or via this form. Medical Center users may also get help by sending e-mail to Once you successfully log in, you will have access to restricted resources throughout your browser session. If you have additional questions, please read on....

Students please note: Whenever you get a new student ID, you need to stop at any library location on campus to have your new barcode entered into the system (if you want to use the barcode access method). The proxy server lists your old barcode until you make this change. You will be able to access the proxy server via your new barcode on the day following the circulation system switch.

The EZProxy system allows off-campus access to information resources that are restricted to UK students, staff, and faculty, including community faculty. If you use these resources from an on-campus computer, your computer is identified as being on the UK network and you can access the resources seamlessly. EZProxy allows your off-campus computer to be identified as part of the UK network.

To use EZProxy do all of the following:


You must be a current University of Kentucky faculty, staff or student and have a valid UK identification card, and the barcode on that identification card must have been activated at a campus library circulation desk. You must be a current member of one of the ALLOWED patron groups listed below:

ALLOWED Proxy Access:

  • UK Distance Learning
  • UK Donovan Scholar
  • UK Faculty and Staff
  • UK Graduate Student
  • UK Independent Study Program Student
  • UK Law Faculty
  • UK Medical Center Community Faculty
  • UK Undergraduate Student
  • UK Visiting Scholar
  • UK Affiliate Faculty and Staff

NOT Allowed:
(unless you are a member of one of the ALLOWED groups in the left column)

  • Law Firm
  • Special Borrower
  • UK Medical Center Special Borrower
  • Reciprocal College Borrower
  • UK Alumni Association Member
  • Children of UK Employees
  • VIP
  • UK English as a Second Language
  • High School Student
  • UK GOLD Card

If you do not fall into one of the "ALLOWED Proxy Access" categories then you may NOT use the UK proxy server.


Your valid student ID barcode or your UK library card barcode must be entered into the libraries' computer system. To find out if your card is registered in the system go to InfoKat (the Libraries' online catalog) and click "My Library Account," then enter your 13-character barcode and last name (enter all 13 characters but do not enter spaces). If the system displays "PERSONAL INFORMATION" then your information is valid in the system. If you receive the message "You may not have entered your barcode and name correctly" then your information may not be in the system--please go to one of the 15 UK Library System Circulation Desks to activate your ID or receive a library card. Students please note: When you get your WildCard Student ID, you will need to stop at any library location on campus to have your new barcode entered into the system; the proxy server will list your old barcode until you make this change. You will be able to access the proxy server via your new barcode on the day following the circulation system switch.


Your library barcode and name must be uploaded into the proxy; this upload occurs once daily, so your information should be loaded into the proxy within 24 hours of the activation of your ID.


You must have an Internet Service Provider (ISP) and a computer with a modem or other appropriate hardware to access your ISP. For information on how to configure your computer to access the Internet, please contact your ISP. Your browser must have cookies enabled. This is the default setting, so unless you have changed your setting, you are probably OK.


EZProxy allows you to access electronic resources that have been licensed by UK and approved for proxy access. Some resources purchased by the UK libraries are not approved for proxy access, some may only be accessed on the UK campus, and some may be limited by special IDs and passwords. When using the E-Journals Database, look at the Notes and Restrictions fields to see if a password is required.


EZProxy login screen

You must first select a resource from the library's website before you can use the prompt pictured above. The first time you access any proxy-restricted resource during any browser session, you should see a page like the one above; this prompt is the ONLY prompt that is a proxy prompt. For each browser session you will need to enter your login information only once. The example below illustrates the logon page that will appear when you select a resource.


  • In the "ID" space enter your last name (in hyphenated last names, names with apostrophes or any other NON-LETTER characters, the non-letters are dropped and all letters are concatenated; i.e., USE NO SPACES WHEN ENTERING A LAST NAME). Names longer than 20 letters will be shortened to the first 20 letters. Your last name must be entered with titles, etc., if those are included on your faculty or student ID. For example, the last name for "John Doe, Jr." would be entered as "doejr". Punctuation and spaces are removed, but all characters are included.
  • In the "password" space enter your 13 character barcode -- USE NO SPACES WHEN ENTERING A BARCODE. Be sure to enter all characters, including the 13th character, which is often a letter of the alphabet. Barcodes are found on student IDs, library cards or Medical Center badges (see below).
  • To check out materials from the library, students will need to have a WildCard v2.0; see the ID office for details on acquiring the v2.0 ID.  If you previously had a v1.0 ID, the barcode on that ID will be the valid barcode for proxy access until the evening after you register your v2.0 barcode at any campus library. However, you may use your AD/MC account without registering your ID barcode.

WildCard Student ID, Med Center ID, and Library Card examples shown below:

Wildcard student id v1.0
Student ID v1.0

Wildcard student id v2.0
Student ID v2.0
(register this barcode at a campus library)

Med center id

Library card

Enter: 204250177015Y (no spaces)

link blueAD or MC Account Method (recommended)

  • Enter the ID associated with your AD or MC account (Exchange account) into the ID field.  You do not need to include the AD or MC preceding the account name.  Enter the password associated with that account into the password field.


If you have problems using EZProxy, you can contact us for assistance by emailing  Medical Center users may also get help by sending e-mail to  If you have successfully logged into the proxy, the resource you are trying to access should appear. The resource itself may prompt for another login; sometimes these prompts may be clicked through without entering any information; others may require a personalized login.