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How to find Resources Using InfoKat (the Library catalog)

InfoKat, the UK Libraries online catalog, lists books, journals, conference proceedings, government documents, dissertations, CDs, electronic books, videos, manuscript collections and other materials available from the UK libraries.

The catalog contains listings for all campus libraries.

InfoKat has:

"Basic Search" includes a relevancy-ranked keyword search, author, title, journal title and call number searches.

"Guided Search" allows users to create more complex searches.

My Library Accountallows users to their individual account and renew items online.

Keyword searches can be limited to a specific campus library, restricted to a specific language, date of publication and other options.

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Tips for searching databases

The UK Libraries subscribe to more than 300 electronic databases. For subject lists, go to RESEARCH GUIDES BY SUBJECT.

Most databases share common searching features, but it is important to check help screens in each individual database to search effectively.

Some features to look for include:

boolean logic (combining terms using: AND, OR, NOT),

truncation (searching part of a word to pick up variant word endings, for example: comput*)

limiting (by language, date, document type or other elements)

printing, downloading or e-mailing citations and articles