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Food in Europe

In the Spring of 2017 UK Libraries hosted a program featuring the European concept of terroir, that is the European concept of the relationship between food and its region of origin.  Dr. David Freshwater of UK's Agricultural Economics Department presented Food in Europe: Regional Brands and Regional Identities.  Following Dr. Freshwater's lively presentation attendees were invited to test their palate to see if they could distinguish between the "real" food and the American "knockoff".

Food in Europe Poster

Program was presented on
April 12, 2016 
in the Alumni Gallery
    Dr. David Freshwater Presenting

Dr. David Freshwater delivering both a lively and
entertaining discussion of the European view
of food. 
    Attendees enjoy the food

After the presentation attendees were invited to test their
palates by tasting samples of foods from Europe ("real')
and the US ('knockoff").
Food tasting quiz 

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