Year of Europe



UK Libraries participated in Year of Europe with a program, three exhibits, one virtual exhibit, and a program with a food tasting event. Some of these events were done in partnership with the College of Arts and Sciences.

Flags in the Atrium

EU Flag

The Year of Europe featured both member 
and non member European Union Countries.
Flags were displayed in the Young Library 
Atrium for all of the countries featured during
the Year of Europe. 
Flag Key fall semester
Flag Key spring semester
                  Europe Through the Lens: A Festival of
Contemporary European Films

Movie Poster for Film Festival

The UK Libraries Audio/Visual Services, the College of
Arts and Sciences and graduate student Zach Lamb 
partnered to present twelve acclaimed European
films in a series called "Europe Through the Lens". 
The movies wereproduced in various European countries and each
movie was introduced by a faculty member with
an area of expertise in that country. 
Guide on the movies presented
Exhibit of posters created by Zach Lamb
Movie Brochure
                  The Journey to Modern Europe:
the Evolution of the
European Union
Map of the the first EU countries

This exhibit chronicles the evolution
of the idea of a unified Europe. While the European Union (EU)
became a political reality with the signing of the
 Maastricht Treaty in 1992, the notion of the EU began at the
end of the World War I.
Virtual Exhibit

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HOURS for October 23, 2020