Year of the Middle East


Programs and Events

UK Libraries participated in Year of the Middle East with a program, two exhibits, one virtual exhibit, and a symposium (served as host). These events were done in partnership with groups from both inside and external to the University.

The Arab Spring in "Social Media" a presentation
by Dr. Todd Presner, Chair
UCLC Digital Humanities Program
October 14, 2014  

Arab Spring Flyer                   Screen shot of Hypercities site

HyperCities is an interactive, web-based
research and teaching environment for authoring
and analyzing the cultural, architectural, and
urban history of cities.  
                  Dr. Todd Presner presenting on Hypercities
Dr Todd Presner is  the Sady and Ludwig Kahn Director
of the UCLA Center for Jewish Studies. 
He is also the Chair of the 
Digital Humanities Program

The presentation discussed a series of projects that analyze
the role of social media in the Middle East, starting with the
2009 Tehran election protests and going up to the 2011
"Arab Spring," including twitter projects such as the
"Voices of January 25th" (Egypt),
"Voices of February 17th" (Libya), and HyperCities as examples. Attendees included a virtual audience as far away as Japan.

An exhibit of selected books on the topic was displayed in the Atrium. 

Opening Event

Jewish Refugees in Shanghai
a Traveling Exhibit from the
Shanghai Jewish Refugee Museum
February 2 - March 4, 2015 
Jewish Refugees in Shanghai Flyer
Flyer promoting the exhibit
and the Symposium
"Taking in Strangers" 
                  Viewing Jewish Refugees in Shanghai
Viewing the exhibit which was located
in Core 1 of the Hub 
                  Screen shot of the Research Guide on Jewish Refugees in Shanghai
Research Guide on the Jewish
Refugees in Shanghai

UK Libraries partnered with the Confucius Institute to bring the traveling exhibit “Jewish Refugees In Shanghai, 1933-1941” to campus.  The exhibit told the story of life in Shanghai of the Jewish population  who fled Europe during the rise of the Nazi regime and settled in Shanghai, one of the few places that would take them in.  The exhibit was complemented by a symposium entitled “Taking in Strangers: Comparing Asian and Jewish Moral Traditions” held in the William T. Young Library on February 27, 2015.  The Symposium was sponsored by the Confucius Institute, Jewish Studies program, and the Department of History.

Opening Event
Arabian Roots: The pedigree of
the Kentucky Thoroughbred
April 27 - July 31, 2015
Assoc. Dean Stacey Greenwell opens the Arabian Horse Exhibit                   Attendees enjoy the exhibit                   Companion Guide to the Arabian Horse Exhibit
Companion Guide to the Arabian Horse Exhibit

Arabian Roots traced the pedigree of famous Kentucky throroughbreads back to three Arabian Horses.  The exhibit shows the progeny and highlights evolution of the thoroughbred horse. UK Libraries partnered with the Keeneland Library, Morris Library in the Maxwell Gluck Equine Research Center, The Pyramid Society and the International Museum of the Horse to develop this exhibit.  

View the virtual exhibit.

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