Viva Mexico



Post and case for alebrijes exhibit, Young Atrium
Alebrijes of Oaxaca, Mexico
Displayed in the William T. Young Atrium,
Spring semester 2014
Exhibit Rose Street entrance, Young Library
The Mexican Revolution:
An Exhibition
Entrance of the
William T. Young
Spring Semester 2014
Codex Exhibit Rose Street entrance
A Glimpse into Ancient Mexico
displayed in the Rose Street
Entrance of the William T. Young Library,
Fall semester 2013
Huipliles Exhibit Lobby Young Library Atrium  
Indigenous Clothing: Huipiles
Displayed in the William T. Young
Library Atrium,
Fall semester 2013
Exhibit in Medical Center lobby
Mexican Medicine from the Aztecs
and Mayan Peoples a display in
the lobby of the Medical Center
Library, Fall semester 2013
Art books on Mexico
Exhibit on Mexican Art
in the Lucille Caudill Little
Fine Arts Library,
Fall semester 2013
Banners with Mexican states
Banners with coats of arms of the
31 states of Mexico hanging in the
Atrium of the William T. Young
Viva Mexico Research Guide
Viva Mexico Research Guide
A series of guides on the 31
states of Mexico that serve
as a companion to the  atrium exhibit.

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