Chinese Scholars

In April of 2011 UK Libraries hosted two Chinese librarians from the Agricultural Information Institute (AII) of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences (CAAS).  The goal of the tour was to expose the librarians to a western research library and to look at all functions. Dr. Pi Jeizheng, Associate Professor and Director of Information Services Department of CAAS/AII and Mr. Kou Yuantao, a Ph.D candidate and a research associate in the Division of the Digital Library Research and Development spent the month of April meeting with University of Kentucky Librarians and observing how the library operates. 


Research Guide on finding resources on China
Mr. Kou Yuantao and Dr. Pi Jiezheng in the 
office in Young Library
    UKnow Story about Chinese Scholars     Pi and Kou meet with Academic Liaisons
Dr. Pi and Mr. Kou meet with Academic Liaisons

Presentation to
the Library Faculty
and Staff,
April 6, 2011
    Dr. Pi, Toni Greider, and Mr. Kou
Dr. Pi, Toni Greider and Mr. Kou after the
presentation to the UK Library Faculty and
    Thumbnail of final report cover
of the 

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