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Young Library Reference Desk Email Upgrade

The Young Reference Desk is making some changes to its email service to improve delivery and response. The process, however, may cause 
some initial access issues for those of you who have used the Reference Desk email service before. For Outlook users and probably users 
of other email applications, choosing an autocomplete email address or drawing the email address from a weblink on the Libraries' website 
will cause your email to be rejected until you follow the process below.
1. Delete the autocomplete address or the weblink-supplied address for the Young Reference Desk email service in the To: line of your email message.
2. Type manually in the To: line (even though the address you deleted may look identical).
3. Compose and send your email as usual. 
Subsequent emails to UK Libraries Reference Desk should resolve properly, even if you use the autocomplete address from your email application.
If you still receive an error message when you send your email after retyping the address, please call the Young Reference desk at 
859.218-2048 and tell us what email application you are using and what error message you receive.
We are sorry for any inconvenience.

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