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Computer Availability

To ensure better availability of computers for the education and research needs of University of Kentucky students, faculty and staff; most public computers in the William T. Young Library now require users to log in using UK "Link Blue" accounts (see locations highlighted in yellow below).
All computers on the first floor, the majority of computers on the second floor and all computers provided by UK Libraries in the Hub (basement) and on the third, fourth and fifth floors have been switched to "Link Blue" authentication.  These changes provide enhanced computer access for UK-affiliated users of Young Library and replicate the type of computer access already established in the Hub and Science Library.

Non-UK visitors are still able to access computers designated as “open computers” in Young Library (see locations highlighted in blue below). Young Library provides 8 computers on the second floor in the north wing Cores 1 and 2 for the general public in addition to 6 computers equipped with Microform Readers in the East Wing.  All open computers require a library card for login and patrons can visit the Circulation desk to setup one of our many types of library accounts.  Young Library also provides open access to the UK Libraries catalog, "Infokat" via computer terminals on floors 1-5, denoted by a yellow sign on the monitor. 

 Visitors may also access library information using personal laptops or other Wi-Fi devices on the campus wireless network or they may plug into the wired network for access to UK Libraries’ information.


map of computer locations in Young Library