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What is EndNote?

EndNote is a software program that manages bibliographies and citations. The program would be helpful to anyone who is creating a research bibliography, manuscripts, grant proposals, term papers or other publications. It is especially helpful for managing citations for research from the University of Kentucky subscribed databases, such as MedLine, Agricola, Biological Abstracts, etc.

How do I get it?

UK students, faculty, and staff may download a free, licensed copy of EndNote from the UK Download site at
*Internet Explorer 7 users will need to use

Training Information

EndNote training can be conducted at the AIC in our training lab for up to 18 individuals. Depending on the level of mastery you might desire, training may last from 1-2 hours, or multiple sessions may be scheduled.

If you are interested in learning more about EndNote, or if you would like to schedule a training session for this software, please contact Jason Keinsley.