Agricultural Information Center

 HOURS for May 29, 2020:  

Classes, Workshops, and One-on-One

Tailored Research Help/Database Training

Databases are incredibly important for conducting research in the scientific fields of agriculture, biology, and human environmental sciences. Unfortunately database interfaces change frequently, and database searching rules change as well. As a service to the students and faculty of each of these disciplines, the AIC offers tailored seminars in appropriate databases for specific disciplines. The topics may include:

  • how to use the controlled vocabulary of the specific database
  • how to construct appropriate search statements
  • how to narrow and expand results

Classes may be requested for individuals and for groups, but they will usually be guided by the faculty member overseeing the research. Training may take as little as an hour, or multiple sessions may be scheduled. If you are interested in learning more about database/tailored research training, please contact Valerie Perry.