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Alben W. Barkley Sample Documents

Campaign Pamphlet: American War Veterans Versus Richard P. Ernst

Signed Oath of Office for Senate

Barkley for Governor Poster

Address of Governor Edwin P. Morrow (Oct. 2, 1923)

A Governor who will serve Kentucky: Elect Charles Dawson Governor. Campaign Card

Fields and the Coal Tax. Campaign Card

Is Kentucky for Sale?

By Their Fruits

Kentucky's Outstanding Disgrace pamphlet

Campaign Headquarters Letter July 14, 1923

Cantrill Campaign Letter

Opening Address of Charles I Dawson

Biography and Record of John W. Davis pamphlet Pages 1-15 / Pages 16-31

Stop! Look! Listen! Campaign Pamphlet

Citizens of Laurel County Broadside

Through the Years with Barkley Pamphlet

Must the Path to the Senate Be Paved With Gold? Pamphlet

For Women to Think About (1928)

A Kentucky Woman Calls Hoover Tender Humanitarian

To the War Veterans and Wage Earners of Kentucky

A Square Deal for the Kentucky Coal Fields

Hoover For President; Kentucky Women's Christian Temperance Union

Resolutions Adopted by the Executive Committee of the Women's Christian Temperance Union

The Plain Truth (1928)

Record of Alfred E Smith

The Truth About Idle Mines and Unemployment in the Kentucky Coal Fields

Facts Gathered by Knights of Luther

Above All Else America!

The Whispering Campaign Against Governor Smith

Roosevelt's Nomination of Alfred E Smith. June, 1928

What Everybody Wants to Know About Alfred E Smith Pages 1-13 / Pages 14-27

Henry Ford Tells Why He's for Hoover

The Next President and Prohibition

Seconding the Nomination of Smith for President

Tolerance and Governor Smith

30 Reasons why Protestants Should be Sure to Vote for Alcohol Smith

Governor Smith Wrong on Immigration

What was the Religion of the Unknown Soldier?

Governor Smith and Prohibition

"Intolerance?" "Religious Prejudice?" "Bigotry?" Who is Guilty?

Shall Tammany Hall Move to the White House?

The Democratic Digest- Alben W. Barkley, New Senate Majority Leader

The Labor Record of Franklin D. Roosevelt

Franklin D. Roosevelt: Who he is, What he has Done

Platform Adopted by the Democratic National Convention 1932

Three Reasons why Every Woman Should Vote for Roosevelt and Garner

Ding Dong Bell (1938)

Something to Think About

WPA Workers Let's Look at the Facts

Chandler Gets Increase of $10.00 Per Month for WPA Workers

Public Opinion. September 1939 Cover

National Committee of Independent Voters Press Release (Oct. 14, 1940)

Resolution February 24,1944

Wilson Wyatt Speech Nominating Barkley for Vice President

The Republican Pursuit of American Communists

The National Dry Federation

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