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Hub @ WTs - FAQ

Q: I'd like to use one of the sweet new Macs at the Hub. How do I get set up?

A: You can create a Mac account on the myUK web page under Student Services -> myInfo -> Account Info. (You need to be UK faculty, staff or student.)


Q: I just got my Mac account but I don't know my Student Number to enter my default password (default password is u$last six digits of student number). Where can I get my Student Number?

A: If you have a Wildcard 2.0, it will be printed on the card.

If you know your U-Connect/AD password, you can log into myUK:

Click the “Student Services” tab

Click the “Financials” tab

Click the “Billing Services” tab

Click on the “Web Payment Services” tab Your Student Number will appear before your name.


Q: What software is available at the Hub's Mac Lab?

A: See the Mac Lab's list of software.


Q: How do I know what software is available in the rest of the Hub?

A: You can check the Student Computing Services Software Lists for Windows and Macintosh computers for programs available in the SCS lab at the Hub and other campus locations. You may also ask through services listed on the SCS website.


Q: How do I use wireless at the Hub?

A: You can get set up at the University's Wireless Network page.


Q: Can I print to a Hub printer using wireless?

A: Yes, you can print wirelessly to any Young Library printer by downloading the software from Ricoh's Student Printing page.


Q: Can I print in color in the Hub?

A: Yes, you can retrieve your color prints at the Student Computing Services Lab in the east wing of the Hub.


Q: Can I print posters in the Hub?

A: UKIT’s Academic Technology Group provides file conversion assistance and ordering service to students (undergraduate and graduate) and faculty who have poster presentation needs. See Research Posters for more information.


Q: Can I make photocopies in the Hub?

A: Yes, we have a printer/photocopier in the middle of the rotunda (near the books) and in the SCS Lab. We also have a CVST (DART) machine in the SCS lab, where you can add money to your Plus Account card or Wildcard. More information about photocopying and printing


Q: Is it okay to eat in the Hub?

A: Yes, you can eat and drink in the basement (except at computers), but drinks must be kept covered. Upstairs in the library, only drinks with sealable lids are allowed.


Q: Where can I rent a video camera for my class assignment?

A: Students may rent video cameras for class-specific assignments from Teaching & Learning Audio Visual Services in the College of Nursing Building. Written permission from the class instructor is required. The equipment may be borrowed for one day only and must be reserved in advance.

For more information, please contact Teaching & Learning AV Services at or 859-323-6455.

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