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Buildings & Grounds of the University of Kentucky, 1918


F. Paul Anderson, Dean of the College of Engineering (1918-1934)

Photo of F. Paul

Anderson was born on 10 February 1867. He followed in the footsteps of his father who was a nationally-known engineer. Anderson received his bachelor of mechanical engineering and his master's degree from Purdue University. In 1891, he came to the University of Kentucky, serving in the Department of Engineering until his death on 8 April 1934. Anderson became Dean of the College of Engineering in 1918. The 9 April 1934 Lexington Leader reports that Anderson "was responsible for the erection and plant equipment of many buildings in this section of the country." Anderson drew plans for the University of Kentucky campus buildings also, including the New Chemistry Building and Patterson Hall.

Henry Stites Barker, President of the University of Kentucky (1910-1917)

Photo of Henry
Stites Barker

The 24 April 1928 Louisville Courier-Journal reports that Henry Stites Barker was born on 23 July 1850 in Newstead, Kentucky, part of Christian County. At the age of 14, Barker moved to Louisville and lived with his uncle, Judge Henry J. Stites. Barker worked in the law office of Stites and Judge Josiah Bullitt. Law became his life's work, with a short stint as President of the University of Kentucky interjected.

From 1869 to 1873, Barker studied law at the University of Kentucky. In 1874, the Louisville bar admitted Barker at the age of 22. He became City Attorney in 1888. In 1897, Barker was elected Circuit Judge. He served there until he went to the Court of Appeals in 1902. From this court, Barker became president of the University serving from 1910 to 1917. After resigning from office, Barker began a private practice in Louisville. He was elected Circuit Judge in 1922 and was re-elected for the position on the November before his death in April 1928.

Louis Edward Nollau, Professor of Engineering Drawing (1904-1953)

Photo of Louis E.

Nollau, born in 1883, graduated the University of Kentucky in 1904. He became an assistant professor and instructor in woodshop and engineering drawing at the University from 1904 to 1908, and, from 1908 to his death in April 1955, he served as professor of engineering dwawing. He became a full professor in 1913.

Nollau, besides his duties as professor, was a prolific photographer. He took thousands of pictures of the University during his tenure (Cone, 1989). His photographs make up many of the pictures scanned in this website. The photographs are part of the University Archives in the Special Collections department of the University libraries system.

James K. Patterson, President of the University of Kentucky (1869-1910)

Photo of James K.

The 22 September 1922 Kentucky Kernel reports that Patterson was born in Glasgow, Scotland on 26 March 1833. In Indiana, he attended the school at Madison. In 1851, he entered Hanover College. Patterson graduated in 1856 with the degree of Bachelor of Arts, receiving his master's degree in 1859. His career as an educator was continuous from 1856 to 1910 when he retired as President of the University. His greatest single service to the State and to the University was his political fight of 1881-82 to sustain the constitutionality of the tax levying act for the support of the University then known as the State College.

He was married 27 December 1859 to Lucella Wing, of Greenville, Ky. Their children were William Andrew, born 12 April 1868 and Hennie Rumsey, born 9 February 1870.


  • The headline of the Kentucky Kernel obituary from which the above text is taken reads: "Grand Old Man of University Answers Summons of Grim Reaper."
  • The Patterson statue, which stands to the left of the Administration Building at the corner of Administration Drive and Patterson Drive, memorializes the late president.
  • Mabel Hardy Pollitt wrote a biography of Patterson entitled President of the University of Kentucky from 1869 to 1910.