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Buildings & Grounds of the University of Kentucky, 1918

Campus Overview

Overview of the south side of campus

Photo of south side of campus

This photograph, taken from the Administration Building, gives a great overview of the south side of campus as well as the outlying areas. In the bottom left corner, the Science Building has "'15" painted prominently at its top. It must have put the vandal in a precarious position to paint on that spot. In the center of the picture is the Mechanical Hall complex. The vines cover the sides of almost all of the complex. Five more numbers cover the top of Mechanical Hall proper. Also, two smokestacks are bellowing smoke behind the main section while the other lies dormant. In the bottom right, the chimney-laden New Dormitory shows. In the center left of the photograph, the New Chemistry Building, the Observatory, and the Tennis Courts show. If you are having trouble spotting the tennis courts, they look more like a patch of dirt than a tennis court. There is not even a net. Even the Observatory was not exempt from the vandals. A "20" is painted on its dome.

There is one more University building on the map, but this one is hard to find. In the far background, the first building above the Mechanical Hall spire, partly obscured by trees, is the Insectary and Conservatory.

Original buildings on campus

Drawing of

This drawing shows the Administration Building, then called the Main Building, to the right. The center portion of the building has an added feature that was later removed. Compare it to the photograph of the Administration Building. Just to the left, behind the Administration Building, is the Heating Plant. On the left is the Old Dormitory. To the left of the Old Dormitory, is the Residence where longstanding President lived during and after his presidency. On the right of the dormitory, appearing fainter than the other buildings, is the James K. Patterson Commandant's Residence. This structure was already on the land when it was purchased by the University of Kentucky.

State College of Kentucky

Photograph of state
college of kentucky

The photograph shows the University of Kentucky during its days as State College. From left to right are the Old Dormitory, Administration Building, Science Building, Old Chemistry Building, New Dormitory, and Mechanical Hall. This photograph was taken before the Gymnasium and Armory was constructed in 1902. The Gymnasium was built to the left of the Administration Building.