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American Liberty League


The Jouett Shouse Collection
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Jouett Shouse was President of the American Liberty League from 1934 to 1938. The American Liberty League was formed by conservative Democrats who opposed President Franklin D. Roosevelt's New Deal. The League argued that the New Deal was a threat to personal liberty, and published pamphlets and sponsored radio programs to garner support. The American Liberty League declined in popularity during the late 1930s and was officially dissolved in 1940.

The following publications are available in Special Collections at the University of Kentucky Libraries. Digital surrogates can also be obtained.



  • "Report on the Constitutionality of the National Labor Relations Act," September 5, 1935.
  • "Report on the Constitutionality of the Bituminous Coal Conservation Act of 1935," December 9, 1935.
  • "Report on the Constitutionality of the Potato Act of 1935," December 30, 1935.
  • "General Lawyers Committee of the American Liberty League," September 1, 1936 (State Membership Lists).
  • "The Welfare Clause in the Light of the AAA Decision," ca. 1936.



  • "The President's Budget Message," 1937 Bulletin Series No. 1, January 15, 1937.
  • "Government Reorganization," 1937 Bulletin Series No. 2, January 25, 1937.
  • "The O'Mahoney Federal Licensing Bill," 1937 Bulletin Series No. 3, February 5, 1937.
  • "Revised Budget Estimates," 1937 Bulletin Series No. 4, April 24, 1937.
  • "Federal Control and Subsidizing of Agriculture," 1937 Bulletin Series No. 5, May 26, 1937.
  • "Control of Wages and Hours," 1937 Bulletin Series No. 6, June 4, 1937.
  • "Extending the TVA Idea," 1937 Bulletin Series No. 7, June 21, 1937.
  • "Regimentation of Agriculture," 1937 Bulletin Series No. 8, June 29, 1937.
  • "Taxation for Experimentation," 1937 Bulletin Series No. 9, July 9, 1937.
  • "Continuance of Emergency Powers," 1937 Bulletin Series No. 10, July 21, 1937.
  • "Another Budget Fiasco," 1937 Bulletin Series No. 11, October 25, 1937.
  • "Administration Labor Policies," 1937 Bulletin Series No. 12, November 1, 1937.
  • "Executive Powers Under Reorganization Proposals," 1937 Bulletin Series No. 13, November 10, 1937.



  • No. 1 "The President Wants More Power - Is a Scrapped Constitution Too High a Price to Pay for It?" January 14, 1936.
  • No. 2 "The Townsend Nightmare - What it would do to the worker", January 15, 1936.
  • No. 3 "The New Deal Works Program - As Seen by an Eminent Journalist", By Raymond Clapper, February 19, 1936.
  • No. 4 "The American Liberty League - As Seen by a Distinguished American Educator", By Dr. Ray Bert Westerfield, Professor of Political Economy, Yale University, February 25, 1936.
  • No. 5 "A Farmer Speaks", By Elmer Willis Serl, Lone Oak Farm, Delavan, Wisconsin, March 17, 1936.
  • No. 6 "Will It Be Ave Caesar?" (Reprint from the Washington Herald of June 24, 1935), March 23, 1936.
  • No. 7 "Our New Spoils System" By Lawrence Sullivan (Reprinted from the Atlantic Monthly as condensed in the Readers Digest of March, 1936), March 24, 1936.
  • No. 8 "The Magi and the Showdown" (Reprint from the Charleston, S.C. News and Courier of March 12, 1936), March 28, 1936.
  • No. 9 "Government By Busybodies - A Discussion of the Plague Inflicted upon Long-suffering Peoples When Their Rulers Develop Delusions of Omniscience and Infallibility", March 30, 1936.
  • No. 10 "Gratitude In Politics" (An Editorial from the Washington Evening Star, April 21, 1936), April 29, 1936.
  • No. 11 "28 Facts about The New Deal", May 4, 1936.
  • No. 12 "New Labels for Old Poisons - Excerpts From A Speech By Rep. Clare Gerald Fenerty of Pennsylvania", May 16, 1936.
  • No. 13 "The New Deal Boondoggling Circus - `The Greatest Show On Earth'", May 27, 1936.
  • No. 14 "Government By Law Still Forced to Fight Against New Deal", June 2, 1936.
  • No. 15 "Who Are The Economic Royalists?" By J.H. Van Deventer, Editor of The Iron Age (Reprint from The Iron Age of July 9, 1936), July 27, 1936.
  • No. 16 "Danger Signals" (From a speech by United States Senator Carter Glass of Virginia at the Patrick Henry Bicentennial celebration at Ashland, Virginia, July 17, 1936), August 4, 1936.
  • No. 17 "And Satan Came Also" (Editorial published by the St. Louis Globe-Democrat, July 23, 1936), August 4, 1936.
  • No. 18 "An Open Letter To the President" Written by Dr. Gus W. Dyer, Professor of Economics, Vanderbilt University, and a Dirt Farmer, August 13, 1936.
  • No. 19 "The Campaign Is On; Let The People Take Heed" By John E. Edgerton, President of the Southern States Industrial Council, August 26, 1936.
  • No. 20 "Self-Styled Liberals" (An Editorial Reprinted From The Washington Post of August 12, 1936), September 2, 1936.
  • No. 21 "Only ONE Main Issue" By J. Ben Wand (An Editorial reprinted from the Southern Lumber Journal of Jacksonville, Fla., in the issue of July 10, 1936), September 1, 1936.
  • No. 22 "Tax Facts", September 7, 1936.
  • No. 23 "The Way Dictatorships Start" (Editorial published by the Boston Transcript), September 22, 1936.
  • No. 24 "Abolishing The States", A New Deal Cabinet Member as Viewed by a Southern Democratic Newspaper. (An Editorial Reprinted FromThe Macon (Georgia) Telegraph), October 5, 1936.


  • "Which Road? America is at the Crossroads," May 19, 1936.
  • ". . . to defend and uphold the Constitution of the United States . . ., May 19, 1936.
  • "Mr. Wadsworth Replies To League Critic," Representative James W. Wadsworth of New York, one of the founders of the League and a member of its Executive Committee, replies to the criticism of Mr. Frank R. Kent of The (Baltimore) Sun in his syndicated column, August 28, 1936.
  • "Election Day Is Near At Hand, But There is still time - Get Out Those VOTES - Get-Out-The-Vote Campaign," October 8, 1936.

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