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1st Floor

Also see a floor map of the First Floor.

The circular desk in the center of the ground floor is the Circulation, Reserves and Interlibrary Loan Desk. The circulation staff is responsible for checking out and shelving library materials as well as general building operations. With proof of residence, any adult citizen of the Commonwealth of Kentucky may apply for library privileges. 

 There are web pages for Circulation policies and procedures and for Course Reserves materials.


Circulation Desk, Young Library


 Other services on the 1st floor include Library Instruction Rooms (1-57, the Kentucky Colonels Room, and 1-78) and the Library Administration/Dean's Office. A large staff area on the first floor behind the circulation desk houses Processing Services and and Preservation/Conservation. 

A DART machine (CSVT), photocopiers, and the Copy Center are located in core 3, including the only photocopiers in the building set-up to handle change and paper money; a change machine for $1 and $5 bills is available in core 2 in the basement (in the vending machine area). All other copiers in the building accept only DART (CSVT)/Plus Account cards. 

The UK Athletics Auditorium (room 1-62), the Keeneland Room (room 1-63) and the UK National Alumni Association Gallery (room 1-65) are also located on the first floor near the University Drive entrance.



Rotunda, Young Library

The rotunda is the center of the building, 93 feet tall and extending from the 1st to 5th floor. Two reading rooms are located within this structure, one on the 2nd floor and one on the 5th floor. Skylights, forming the ceiling of the 5th floor, surround the rotunda and disperse natural light throughout the building. 

There are ten computers on the main floor. There are more than 250 computers throughout the building for students, faculty and staff to use. Log in to those machines using your linkblue account.  Laptops can connect via Ethernet ports around the building or use the wireless access.


1st floor computer stations, Young Library

Table in core, 1st floor, Young Library


Stairways and elevators can be found in every core (corner) of the building (except core 2 of the main floor, which is near the loading dock).

Cell phone charging stations and filtered bottled water stations are located in Core 4.


Dart Machine, Young Library

DART machines (CSVT) provide a way to pay for photocopies and printing throughout the building. DART machines are located in the SCS Lab in the basement and in core 3 on the 1st and 2nd floors. DART machines sell DART cards and allow more value to be added to DART cards and Student WildCards.