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Request to Reserve Multi-Purpose Room (B-108C)

As the name indicates, the Multi-Purpose Room (B-108C) has been designed for maximum flexibility, serving the functions of smart classroom, screening room for AV media, and general meeting space.  It contains an instructor's podium with PC, SMART Document Camera, VCR and Blu-ray/DVD player, a Blu-ray/data projector with large screen, a SMART Board interactive whiteboard system, and a PA system to reinforce both the instructor's voice and component audio.  36 tables and 78 chairs -- all on casters -- facilitate a variety of seating configurations so patrons may arrange them as they wish.  Please note that the room does not contain computers so group participants with that requirement will need to bring their own laptops.  UK and BCTC students and faculty may check out laptops at the AV Service Desk (B-67).  The room does have enhanced wireless Internet connectivity.

Place your cursor in the first form box and provide information required.  Tab to subsequent boxes and complete form.

Full Name
College, Department, Organization
Nature/Purpose of Event
Date Needed
Program Begin Time
Program End Time


I will need the following items (check all that apply):


Instructor's Podium and data projector


Instructor's Podium and SMART Board


SMART Document Camera


Microphone for presenter/instructor (lavaliere)


Microphone for audience/student questions (handheld)


Blu-ray/DVD player (Please also fill out this form.)


VHS tape player (Please also fill out this form.)


Other (Please specify in Additional Comments below.)

Additional Comments:


When your request has been processed, your reservation will be confirmed via e-mail. You will also be advised if the room is not available as requested.

your request.

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