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The Advocates for the Audio-Visual Archives at the University of Kentucky is a support group for the Audio-Visual Archives. Co-chaired by Al Smith and Len Press, the Advocates were established in 1998.

The Role of the Advocates for AVA at UK:

  • Explore how the Audio-Visual Archives at the University of Kentucky should preserve and provide access to the non-print media which documents the history of Kentucky.
  • Identify fundraising opportunities and funding sources that will enable the Audio-Visual Archives to become a viable and active media archive.
  • Advise on the resources the Audio-Visual Archives should collect to best document the history of Kentucky and meet the needs of potential patrons.
  • Analyze the capability of the Audio-Visual Archives to document the history of non-print media in Kentucky.
  • Recommend services the Audio-Visual Archives should provide, given the available resources, that would enable it to become a unique presence in the international media community.