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Founders Day Virtual Exhibit


In honor of the inauguration of Dr. Lee T. Todd, Jr. as the University of Kentucky╠s eleventh president, an exhibit chronicling UK Presidents, from Patterson to Todd, was on display in the lobby of the Margaret I. King Library, home of the University of Kentucky Libraries╠ Special Collections and Archives.  The exhibit included historical materials related to UK Presidents Patterson, Barker, McVey, Donovan, Dickey, Oswald, Kirwan, Singletary, Roselle, Wethington, and Todd.  The exhibit also contained information pertaining to past inaugurations / convocations and Founders Day (February 22, 1865) celebrations.  The exhibit was produced by the University of Kentucky University Archives and Records Program (UARP) and ran from Monday, February 11th through Friday, February 22nd (Founders Day), 2002.  In conjunction with inauguration festivities and Founders Day, a multi-media presentation was viewable in the King Library lobby during the afternoons of February 14th, 15th and 22nd, 2002.