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Guidelines for Managing Records

Transferring Permanent Records


1. Visit the State University Model Records Retention Schedule. Visit the State University Model Records Retention Schedule to identify the record series number and retention status of your records. If the retention status of your records is "P" (Permanent), proceed to Step 2. Otherwise, go to Non-Permanent Records.


2. Place the materials in file folders. Hanging files will not be accepted.


3. Place the folders in cubic foot storage boxes. If your office utilizes a Kentucky Underground Storage, Inc. customer number, order the 1.0 cubic foot Anderson box.  Otherwise, use the Office Max box - item #P50M97213 when sending to off-site storage. Retain the filing sequence used by your office. Box permanent and non-permanent records separately. For more information on non-permanent records, see Non-Permanent Records.


4. Label the boxes. Label the boxes with the office name, record series name, and box number (number the boxes sequentially).


5. Complete this folder title inventory. After you have boxed your records, utilize the spreadsheet provided to list the records in the order as arranged. Include the date range for the material in each folder. Save the folder title Excel spreadsheet inventory with KUSI box numbers. If your office needs to retrieve material from these files, this inventory will be the primary way of finding the requested records.

6. Notify University Archives & Records Program. Notify University Archives & Records Program of these records via email ( and attach to the email the Word document or Excel spreadsheet folder title inventory. UARP will suggest delivery times and provide instructions for having the boxes delivered. UARP may elect to have the materials delivered directly to off-site storage, Kentucky Underground Storage Inc. (KUSI). In that case, you will be asked to provide detailed directions for the courier.  You will be informed of the pickup date and given a unique ID number to write on each box. Storage and retrieval costs will be funded by the UK Libraries account ONLY IF materials qualify as both Permanent (based on Records Retention Schedule) and historical (based on University Archivist's judgment). Otherwise, costs must be funded by the office transferring the records.


For further assistance, please contact University Archives & Records Program by phone (859-257-5257) or email (