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Records are fundamental to office operation—uncontrolled proliferation of records leads to serious impairment of our effectiveness and ability to do our work; and significant increases in operating costs, risk, and liability.  Vital and historical records are necessary for day-to-day work, strategic and long-range planning, assessment, and celebrating milestones.  In addition, the University of Kentucky is a state agency.  By law, all records that are created, used, and/or in its possession are public records and must be managed according to Kentucky statutes.  This means records management is the legal responsibility of all UK employees. 

When you’re facing a room full of boxes or a server full of files, records management can appear daunting, especially if it’s new to you.  University records managers are here to help!  Contact us at or 859-257-1742.

Common questions or concerns:

  • Q:  I need to send boxes to off-site storage.  

A:  Check out the "storage" tab, above.

  • Q:  I'm running out of space and need to get rid of some of this stuff!  

A:  Check out the "destruction" tab, above.

  • Q:  I know some of these files have reached their retention.  How do I figure that out?  

A:  Check out the "schedule" tab, above.

  • Q:  I have stuff in my office or on my computer that I don't know what to do with.  

A:  Check out the "schedule" tab, above, or get in touch at

  • Q:  I would like information or training on records management.  

A:  Check out the "training" tab, above, or get in touch at

  • Q:  I need assistance with my unit's annual review period.  

A:  Contact us at

  • Q:  I have stuff that I think is historical that might be good for the archives.  

A:  Check out the "schedule" tab, above, or get in touch at

  • Q:  I need to reformat my non-permanent records for easier storage.  

A:  Check out the "reformatting" tab, above.

  • Q:  I have a University history question.  

A:  Contact the Special Collections Research Center research staff at  

A:  See also the "resources" and "history" tabs, above.

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