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Research, Education & Clinical Services Division


Key services provided by the Research, Education & Clinical Services Division include:

  • Staffing the User Services desk and answering questions received via phone or e-mail. Contact the Medical Center Library Research, Education & Clinical Services Division for assistance or information.
  • Performing mediated database searches using multiple electronic information resources.
  • Providing problem-solving assistance for issues related to licensed databases, connectivity problems, and UK e-mail accounts.
  • Evaluating print, audiovisual, and electronic resources to determine the best products and services to meet the needs of library customers.
  • Teaching curriculum-based classes requested by UK Medical Center course directors.
  • Offering open enrollment classes for topics such as the use of key databases, internet resources, and bibliographic management software.
  • Creating instructional guides and tip sheets in print and electronic formats.
  • Serving as liaisons for UK health sciences colleges and key research centers.
  • Providing outreach services to UK community faculty and Kentucky Area Health Education Centers.
  • Maintaining the UK Medical Center Library website. 
  • Identifying and categorizing Internet sites for the Electronic Reference Shelf.

Contact Rick Brewer, Research, Education & Clinical Services Division for questions or additional information.