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Disability Services


Delivery of Materials and Fees


  • The library user will indicate his/her preference of delivery on the Disability Services registration form. Delivery methods include pick-up at the Medical Center Library User Services Desk, mail, e-mail, or jump drive (provided by the individual).

  • All UK Libraries' faculty, staff and students can access the full-text of thousands of journals in electronic format. Please check theE-Journals Database to see if the title you need is available. You may be able to gain immediate access to a needed article.

  • UK users at off-campus locations will need to access the EZProxy via their Link Blue to access most of these journals (some journals are free to everyone).

  • The Contact Person (CP) is able to provide any user names and passwords required to access the electronic journals to which UK subscribes.

  • If available in electronic form, information/search results can be sent directly to the individual's e-mail address by Medical Center Library Research & Education Division staff.

  • Requests for large-type printouts cannot be honored, but a darker print and a larger font size may be requested.



  • Depending on the type and volume of requests, fees might be requested of the library user.
  • The Contact Person (CP) will verify any fees or charges for copies and services and provide a summary of those charges to UK Libraries Support Services for billing.
  • Payment may be in check form by mail or in person. Payment may be in cash when paid in person at the User Services Desk. Only exact cash or checks will be accepted by a full-time staff or supervisor.

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