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Printing & Photocopying at Young Library

See Ricoh's Student Printing page, which includes print driver downloads, and the Copy Center website.


Please Note:
Ricoh offers a full-service Copy Center to UK students, located on the 1st Floor of Young Library in Core 3 (southeast corner). Services include b/w and color copying and printing, comb binding, scanning and faxing. Students may e-mail jobs to be completed to the Copy Center using this email address:  They will also do departmental jobs and take procards, credit cards and plus accounts. See the Ricoh Copy Center website for more information: see the Document Service Center for special services, the Student Printing Services for Library printing. If you have any questions, please contact Ricoh.

Printing costs 12 cents per page for black and white and 50 cents for color at print stations in the building; see the Student Printing Services page for pricing information for print jobs through the Copy Center. Print stations are located in the Reference area in the North wing and the Periodicals area in the East wing, both on the 2nd floor. There are also print stations in Core 1 and Core 3 on the 3rd floor and Core 1 on the 5th floor. A color printer in the Student Computing Services Computer Lab (Basement, East wing) will also accept print jobs from library computers. The color printer may be selected from any library computer. Simply choose the color printer from the dropbox that appears when you give the print command. Color prints cost 50 cents a page. [Map of printer station locations]

Computers on the 1st through 5th floors in the library will print from any print station throughout the building. When you select the print command, a window titled "Pharos Popup Client" will appear. Type in any brief name you choose; that name will then appear in the menu on the print station screen when you swipe your ID or printing/copying (Plus) card. If you wish to print from a wireless connection, you can use Mobile Printing.  See this video for helpful tips about setting up mobile printing:


In order to print from the computers, you must have money on your student ID in your Plus Account. If you do not have a UK or BCTC student ID, you must buy a card from one of the DART (CSVT) machines. These machines function much like an ATM machine. Each machine features a deposit slot and a menu window offering three choices: Inquire Balance, Make a Deposit, or Buy a Card. You can add money to your ID/Plus Account (but not a DART card) on the Dining and Plus Account Office website (see Quick Deposit on the left navigation guide).

Plus cards cost $1.00. Push the button on the DART (CSVT) machine marked "Buy a Card." Next, deposit a $1.00 bill. Do not use any bill larger than a $1.00 bill. The machine will not recognize any bill larger than a $1.00 bill and the remainder will be lost.

The Plus card itself costs $1.00 -- you must add money to the card in order to print. To add money to the card, push the "Make a Deposit" button. The machine accepts $1.00, $5.00, $10.00, and $20.00 bills, but change is not given. If you insert a $20.00 bill into the machine when making a deposit, $20.00 is going to be added to the card.

The DART machines may also be used to add more money to a student ID or an existing Plus account.

Please note that if Plus cards are not used for some time, the account will become inactive. Please contact the Dining and Plus Account Office at 257-6159 to reactivate your account.

For refunds to Plus cards or student IDs, contact the Dining and Plus Account Office (257-6159) or come to any service desk and ask a staff member to submit a Printer Refund Request.

Printing from the microform machines in the East wing on the second floor costs 12 cents per page.