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Guidelines for Use of the Niles Gallery

  1. The Niles Gallery may be reserved for UK sponsored or affiliated activities only. It is NOT available for private rehearsals or recitals or other events not directly associated with the University of Kentucky. It is also not available for regularly scheduled classes. The School of Music has first refusal on reservations and may, in some unavoidable circumstances, need to bump previously scheduled programs. We will attempt to give two weeks minimum notice in these situations.
  2. Maximum seating in the Gallery is 49, including performers or presenters. Fire code prevents us from bringing in additional chairs.
  3. Use of the Gallery must be reserved by contacting either Meg Shaw, Director of the Little Fine Arts Library; Paula Hickner, Music Librarian in the Little Library, or Ron Pen, Director of the John Jacob Niles Center for American Music. A registration form must be filled out at the time of reservation.
  4. The Niles Gallery is available for use only during hours of operation of the Little Library. Please check the hours when you make your reservation.
  5. All Gallery set-up requirements and equipment requests must be specified IN ADVANCE of your program. The Library cannot be responsible for last minute set-up changes.
  6. Please ARRIVE NO LATER THAN 15 MINUTES BEFORE YOUR PROGRAM to check the set-up of the Gallery. You will be responsible for changes later than 15 minutes before program.
  7. Food and drink may be permitted in the Gallery, with advance notice via the registration form. Users of the Gallery are responsible for arranging for refreshments and cleaning up following a reception. NO ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES MAY BE SERVED IN THE GALLERY. Food and drink must be confined to the Gallery and/or Lobby area of the Library.
  8. The large hinged doors are not movable. They stay in place at all times.
  9. Users of the Gallery MAY NOT move the piano. If the piano needs to be moved for your event, this must be requested in advance and the Library will be responsible for moving it.
  10. You must request use of Library equipment in advance via the Reservation Request form.
  11. School of Music recitals need to complete the School's recital/recording form in addition to the Gallery Reservation Request form.
  12. If you are providing your own printed program, please use the following title for the location: John Jacob Niles Center for American Music/Lucille Caudill Little Fine Arts Library.
  13. The Gallery is not available to be booked in advance for rehearsals other than those for performances to be held in the Gallery. It may be used for a rehearsal on a drop-in basis by checking availability at the desk.