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UK Loansome Doc Policies

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The following policies govern the use of Loansome Doc by all University of Kentucky Medical Center (UKMC) faculty, staff, or students.

  1. To use the Loansome Doc document delivery service, you must have a personal User ID and an "ordering library" ID. There is no charge for obtaining a User ID code. You can register at the PubMed website for your code. Contact Medical Center Library Interlibrary Loan/Document Delivery to obtain the "ordering library" ID.
    Note: All Loansome Doc information is linked to the individual User ID code, not to the computer that is being used.
    Note: MCL faculty, staff and students are encouraged to use the MCL's ILLiad service for all ILL and document delivery requests.
  2. No special "sign up" form is required for Loansome Doc.
  3. Requests received via Loansome Doc for journal articles that are not available in the Medical Center Library (MCL) will be processed through normal Interlibrary Loan channels, if requested. The MCL will absorb these charges (i.e., there will be no charge to individuals for these items).
  4. Requests received via Loansome Doc for journal articles available in another library on campus will be obtained for all UKMC individuals through our Document Delivery Services.
  5. Requests received via Loansome Doc for journal articles that are readily available in the MCL will be honored, if individuals are located outside the Medical Center complex. If individuals are located within the Medical Center complex, the request will be returned. The Library does not have a pull & copy service.
    • When using PubMed and Loansome Doc, there is no indication of whether or not the journal is in our collection. There is no automatic way, therefore, to know in advance whether or not the MCL has a journal readily available.
    • If you are not familiar with the Library's journal collection and you want to find out if we own a journal prior to sending a Loansome Doc order, you can check InfoKat (UK Libraries' Catalog).
  6. Traditional methods of obtaining articles, e.g., coming to the Library and photocopying the article or completing an ILLiad (ILL/Document Delivery) request, are still available. The Loansome Doc service is an additional option. 

Contact Medical Center Library Interlibrary Loan/Document Delivery if you have further questions regarding the Library's Loansome Doc policies.