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William T. Young Library

 HOURS for December 3, 2016:  8:00am - 8:00pm

Guidelines & Policies


Cell Phone Usage Policy

Cell phone use is permitted in the core areas on the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th floors BY THE ELEVATORS ONLY, NOT IN THE STAIRWELLS; by In-House/Pay-Phones; and in the Hub in the basement.

As always, we ask that cell phones be set to VIBRATE upon entering the building and that users be considerate of others, lower their voices, and keep conversations brief.

Food, Drink, & Tobacco Policy

The Library strives to accommodate the needs of library patrons for service and comfort while maintaining a clean, safe, environment and preserving library collections, equipment and facilities. Library patrons should be considerate and keep in mind that food and drink can damage or destroy books, electronic equipment, and furnishings.

Library patrons may drink non-alcoholic beverages from securely covered containers except in the areas of computer workstations, copiers, scanners, other electronic equipment, and in areas marked "No Drinks Allowed." Unacceptable beverage containers include aluminum cans and containers without lids. No uncovered beverage containers are permitted on Floors 1-5 of Young Library.

Examples of appropriate beverage containers:

  • Travel mugs
  • Coffee cups with lids 
  • Twist top bottles 
  • Sport bottles
  • Thermos bottles with closable spouts
  • Soda/pop bottles with sport bottle-type tops


Library patrons are expected to clean up after themselves and should properly dispose of empty containers and wrappers. Spills should be reported immediately to the nearest service desk so they can be cleaned up quickly to avoid permanent damage.

Snacks (crackers, pretzels, chips, etc.) fruit, and items in small containers (dips, hummus, etc.) may be consumed except in areas marked "No Food Allowed." Meals, messy, crumbly, sticky and/or odorous foods or snacks (salads, hamburgers, pizza, soup, etc.) are not permitted on Floors 1-5 of Young Library, but may be consumed in the Hub (basement). Food deliveries to the Library will be turned away. These should be received outside Young Library.

In accordance with University of Kentucky regulations, alcohol and the use of tobacco products are not permitted in the Libraries.

Patrons in violation of this policy will be required to dispose of their food, drink or tobacco items and/or leave the Library. Violations will be handled by Library staff in accordance with the Library Patron Code of Conduct.

The Library reserves the right to determine that something is not allowed.

Instruction Rooms - Booking Policies

  1. Booking the Library Instruction rooms 1-57 (Kentucky Colonels Room) and 1-78 in Young Library is the sole responsibility of the Information Literacy Department.
  2. These rooms are to be used only for classes taught by librarians.
  3. These rooms are for teaching library and information resources.
  4. Classes will be for three major groups: UK classes, UK faculty/staff, and Library staff.
  5. The Library Instruction rooms are for hands-on instruction and training only. Other activities and meetings will be directed elsewhere.
  6. These rooms will not be the primary meeting space for any class or group.
  7. Due to heavy demand, these rooms are needed primarily for Library Instruction during the first two and a half months of each semester. Library staff training may be scheduled at these times by negotiation.
  8. All bookings must be made through a regular full-time Information Literacy Department member.
  9. The keys to the two rooms will be the responsibility of the Information Literacy Department.

Lockers Policy

The William T. Young Library has personal lockers available for checkout to UK faculty, staff, and students. These lockers are located on floors 2 through 5.

  1. UK undergraduate students, graduate students, faculty, and staff may check lockers out for the duration of the current semester.
  2. Library materials stored in your locker MUST be checked out to your library account.
  3. Food is permitted in Young Library in the Alumni Gallery, Keeneland Room, the Hub, and Starbucks---not in your locker.
  4. Lockers are checked at regular intervals, and any food and/or library materials that are not checked out or that are non-circulating will be removed. If food or library materials not checked out are found in your locker, you will receive one written warning. A second offense will result in your locker privileges being revoked.
  5. The Library is not responsible for personal items stored in lockers.
  6. Please check your locker and remove all items before returning your key. Personal items left in lockers will be placed in Lost and Found for a reasonable period of time and then discarded. Return all library materials to the Circulation Desk to be checked in and removed from your account.

There is a $5 replacement fee for a lost locker key.

Publications Distribution Policy

In accordance with the University of Kentucky Policy on Distribution of Publications (, prior approval is required before publications (i.e., newspapers, magazines, and other periodicals) may be placed in W.T. Young Library. Unapproved publications will be removed and recycled. Please contact the Young Library Circulation Department for more information.

William T. Young Library houses a general undergraduate collection and social science, humanities, business, biology and agricultural materials. As the central library in the university library system, it also is home to the Dean's Office and a number of centralized library and university services. See the list to the left for details.

Loan Periods

UK Faculty/Staff, Affiliated Faculty/Staff, Emeritus Faculty, Visiting Scholars

Books: 120 days
Bound Periodicals: 4 days
Unbound Periodicals: Library Use
Non-Print (see AV Services for exceptions): Library Use
Reserves: 2 hours; 1 day; 3 days; 7 days
100 items (unless restricted)

UK Graduate Students, Donovan Scholars

Books: 90 days
Bound Periodicals: 4 days
Unbound Periodicals: Library
Non-Print (see AV Services for exceptions): Library Use
Reserves: 2 hours; 1 day; 3 days; 7 days;
Item Limit: 75 items (unless restricted)

UK Undergraduate Students

Books: 28 days
Bound Periodicals: 4 days
Unbound Periodicals: Library Use
Non-Print (see AV Services for exceptions): Library Use
Reserves: 2 hours; 1 day; 3 days; 7 days
Item Limit: 25 items (unless restricted)

Non-UK Borrowers

Books: 28 days
Bound and Unbound Periodicals: Library Use
Non-Print (see AV Services for exceptions): Library Use
Reserves: 2 hours; 1 day; 3 days; 7 days
Item Limit: 10 items (unless restricted)

Location (with directions): 401 Hilltop Avenue
Mailing Address: 500 S. Limestone Street, Lexington, KY 40506-0456
Courier Deliveries: 1000 University Drive, Lexington, KY 40506
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