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Equipment Request Form

First, request a conference or meeting room at William T. Young Library via the Room Request Policy page. After you receive confirmation that the room has been reserved for you, please use the form below to specify the AV equipment you will need during your event. If your reservation is for more than one room, please complete a separate form for each. Equipment will only be provided inside meeting rooms. To ensure prompt processing, please fill in all blanks. Thank you.

PLEASE NOTE: Three of the most popular rooms have equipment permanently installed as described below; therefore, no equipment request is necessary unless you require something other than what is listed, or you wish to request only AV technical support (scroll to bottom of equipment list).

The UKAA Auditorium (1-62) and Alumni Gallery (1-65) have PCs with Internet connections, CD-ROMs, USB ports, wireless remote controllers for PowerPoint, VGA & audio connections for presenter's laptop computer, lecterns with fixed microphones, ceiling-mounted data/video projectors, and projection screens. 

The Keeneland Room (1-63) has a large flat-screen display.

To request only technical support, please scroll to bottom of list.



Full Name:

College, Department, Organization:



Reservation Date:

Reservation begins at

Reservation ends at

Reserved Room:

Event will begin at

Event is expected to end at


NOTE: If you reserved The UKAA Auditorium (1-62), The Alumni Gallery (1-65), or The Keeneland Room (1-63), please read the information pertaining to those rooms at the top of this page before filling out a request form.

Presenter(s) will need the following equipment (check all that apply):

Microphone -- on podium and/or wireless

Microphones for panel discussion -- number of participants =

Laptop computer -- for PowerPoint presentation and/or Internet source

Data projector

Data projector only (presenter is bringing his/her laptop computer)

Overhead projector for transparencies

Opaque projector (Document stand)

35mm projector for photographic slides

VHS VCR (Please also fill out the Media Exhibition Questionnaire.)

DVD player (Please also fill out the Media Exhibition Questionnaire.)

Video projector

TV set

Audio cassette deck

Whiteboard easel (Markers may be checked out at Circulation Desk, first floor.)

Easel with flipchart and permanent markers

Phone/fax machine (for satellite videoconferences, available in UKAA Auditorium or Alumni Gallery only)

 Conference phone (for audio conferences, available in UKAA Auditorium or Alumni Gallery only)

Presenter needs no additional equipment but please schedule an AV technician to provide support.


Additional Comments:


An AV technician will deliver equipment not permanently installed and/or provide any orientation you may need 30-minutes prior to the time your event is to begin. AV technicians are not available to be on hand during presentations; however, assistance is available via hotline phones linking most meeting rooms to the AV Service Desk.


this request.

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