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Special Collections Research Center

 HOURS for January 17, 2019:  

Breckinridge Research Room

Use Policies

Breckinridge Research Room Use Policies and Procedures

Materials Use and Security

  • No eating, drinking, or smoking permitted in the Research Room.  No gum, candy, or mints are permitted at the tables while using materials. Any food or beverage containers must be kept in a locker or discarded before entry.
  • No book bags, brief cases, laptop cases, purses, hand bags, coats, hats, gloves, scarves, umbrellas, or other personal items are permitted at the tables in the Research Room.  Please place ALL personal items in the lockers provided for the secure storage of such items.  Patrons may wear a sweater as needed.
  • No pens. Only pencils are permitted in the Research Room. Pencils and note-taking paper are available at the desk.
  • Personal laptops, tablets, and note-taking paper or notepads are allowed. No binders or large notebooks.
  • Special permission must be obtained in order to bring in outside books and/or papers for use in connection with the materials located in Special Collections.
  • At any time, a staff person on duty or page may approach a patron to request that they follow our policies or instruct on use, or to inspect a patron’s research materials for security purposes.
  • The Breckinridge Research Room is equipped with security cameras and other security devices.


Registration and Requesting Procedures

  • All patrons, researchers, and visitors must register for an online account and complete the clearance process, which includes showing a valid ID.  Non-UK visitors must show a valid ID with a birth date; UK affiliated patrons may show their Wildcat ID.
  • All patrons, researchers, and visitors must sign in and out in with the staff person on duty.
  • Patrons must complete requests using the online requesting system.
  • Access may be limited for fragile or rare materials. Microfilm or photocopies will be provided when possible.


Handling of Materials

  • Only one item may be viewed at a time.  The staff person or page on duty will check out materials to you. 
  • Boxes and materials should be kept on a table or a cart, please do not place boxes on the floor or on a chair.  If you need assistance with large or heavy items, please ask the staff person or page on duty.
  • Boxes and materials must be arranged on the table or cart to allow for clear view between you and the staff person and page on duty.  Carts may not be placed at the end of the table to obscure this view.  This is for security purposes, proper handling, and to ensure we provide patrons with optimal service.
  • Please view one folder at a time, using a place holder to indicate where a folder was removed from a box.
  • Keep all materials flat on the table, turning each page one at a time.  Do not hold materials up on your lap, lean on them with your elbows, hit the edges of papers on the table to even them out, or hold them in a bent position.
  • All materials must be kept in the exact order they are found.  If you notice something that appears to be out of order, please alert the staff person on duty, do not attempt to correct it yourself.
  • Never place your notetaking paper or laptop on top of an item or write over top of an item.
  • At any time, a staff person on duty or page may approach you with a friendly reminder in regards to following our policies, or to adjust use of the materials to better accommodate the condition of a fragile item.  This is a normal part of research with original or fragile materials.


Placing Materials on Reserve

  • Materials may be placed on hold or reserve for up to one month.  Please let the staff person on duty or page know if you would like to have something placed on reserve. 
  • After one month, the materials will be automatically returned to storage, unless you are actively using the materials and request renewal of the reserve.


Use of Space for General Study or Group Work

  • The Breckinridge Research Room serves as a quiet, independent study space. Please arrange with staff ahead of time if you have a group project or class assignment that will require discussion.
  • Patrons may, with permission of the staff person on duty, use the room for study without requesting materials.   Patrons using the space for general study must still register an account for security purposes, show an ID, and follow all the same policies.


Technology Use

  • The use of cell phones (talking) in the Breckinridge Research Room is prohibited.  You may have a cell phone with you as long as it is set to mute and used silently (texting is okay).
  • Patrons may use laptops; we ask that the audio be muted or that patrons wear headphones.  Tables are equipped with outlets.



  • Reproductions made in the Breckinridge Research Room are for personal research use only, in accordance with copyright law.  Permission to publish must be secured separately.
  • Non-flash cell phone cameras may be used for some reproductions, please check with the staff person on duty.
  • Photocopying of rare books is prohibited.  Scanning of rare books may be limited based on the condition of the item.
  • A Bookeye Scanner has been provided free-of-charge in the Breckinridge Research Room for patron convenience, and may be used by patrons as a self-service digital reproduction station.  A USB drive is required to save files.  Please consult with the page or staff person on duty for instructions on how to use the equipment.   The Bookeye scanner may only be used for Special Collections materials and not for outside items.
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