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Learning Lab

2019-2020 Intern Cohort

 2019-2020 Learning Lab cohort

Quinn Andrews, sophomore in chemical engineering, is studying early alcohol and narcotic prescriptions in the William E. Adams papers.

Jake Beavin, senior

Laura Cuevas, junior in Writing, Rhetoric and Digital Studies and Hispanic Studies, is studying political movements within the Kate Black social activism papers.

Claire Hilbrecht, 

Jasmin Hugle, junior in psychology, is researching women-led arts and music performance in the Amber Moon scrapbooks.

Elizabeth Massie, senior in , is exploring suffragette materials in the Laura Clay papers

Sydney Mullins, junior in art history and visual studies, is learning about Lexington's women-owned printing press led by former UK Libraries librarian, Carolyn Hammer, with the Bur Press papers 

Lesley Phillips

Lesley Phillips, senior in psychology and art history and visual studies, is researching images of the Pine Mountain Settlement School from the John Spellman III drawings and prints collection.

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