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2019-2020 Learning Lab Projects

2019-2020 Learning Lab Projects

The UK Libraries Special Collections Research Center is proud to announce the following collections available for research in the Learning Lab during the academic year 2019-2020. Please look through the list and apply for an internship to work with any of these collections.

Judge Charles M. Allen Papers, 1971-2000 (subjects: sociology, race, police, law, labor, Kentucky history) 2019MS006

Judge Allen presided over the 1979 case Louisville Black Police Officers v. the City of Louisvillethat sought equal employment opportunities for Louisville’s black officers. The collection contains briefs, judgements, and correspondence related to the case, which resulted in a consent decree to improve employment opportunities and conditions for black officers in Louisville.

Cathy Wilson Collection on Red River Gorge, 1974-1975 (environment, politics, law, public policy, activism, water, activism) 2011MS072

Collection contains correspondence, legislation, and newspaper clippings, regarding the effort to save the Red River Gorge from the Army Corp of Engineers’ proposed dam on the Red River that would have transformed the area into a large lake.

Ullin Leavell photographs, 1922-1946 (art, Japan, medicine, sociology) 2014av008

A doctor in post WWII Japan, Leavell was also an amateur photographer who took images of life around him in Tokyo. Images include scenes of the hospital and nearby moat and geisha houses, ruins of buildings, transportation, children playing, and a resort on Mount Fuji.

John A. Spelmann III papers, 1930s-1940s (art, art history, Appalachian studies) 2016ms021

Collection contains visual works and manuscripts from Appalachian artist John A. Spelman III, who taught at Pine Mountain Settlement School from 1937 to 1941.

Lexington and Ohio Railway Company board of directors minutes, 1830-1833 (subjects: transportation, law, American history, business, real estate) 46M154

The first railroad in Kentucky sought to establish a transportation link from Lexington to Louisville and Frankfort; however, the financial Panic of 1837 led to its eventual demise. The state seized the railroad in 1840 and its rights-of-way were later used by the Louisville & Frankfort and Lexington & Frankfort railroads.

Bourbon County, Kentucky land records, 1786-1820 (subjects: environmental, law, agriculture) 46M94

Early land records from Bourbon County that date to the formation of the Commonwealth.

Thomas D. Redd papers, 1891-1941 (subjects: labor, race, unions, transportation, business, social justice, women's studies, prostitution)

Thomas Redd was an African American railroad worker who served in his unit's union, known as the Colored Brakeman of the Kentucky Division of the Road, during the early 20th century. The collection contains official union correspondence, receipts, and treasurer reports related to his service. Many items reflect conflicts of pay and other disparities between white and African American brakemen working for the Illinois Central Railroad Company. The collection also contains personal correspondence from women who were likely prostitutes. They mention living conditions, incarceration, health, and money.

Bur Press collection, 1941-1958 (art, printmaking, women's studies)

Collection includes photographs, correspondence, and clippings for the Bur Press, an all-woman printing press that was started in Lexington by Carolyn Hammer in the 1940s. 

William E. Adams Collection, 1890s-1940s (subjects: medicine, chemical engineering, law, drug addiction) 1997MS323

Records from an Anderson County, Kentucky, physician related to his business as a doctor and records pertaining to his prescriptions of opiates in the early 20th century.

John C. Davis Notebook and Photograph Album, 1944 (subjects: military history, WWII) 2013MS0362

A WWII notebook and album kept by Corporal John C. Davis, an African American soldier from Louisville, Kentucky, during his service in Okinawa, Japan.

Laura Clay Papers: Citizens Committee for States Suffrage Amendment documents, 1919. (subjects: suffrage, women’s rights, social justice) 46M4

Contains membership rolls and other materials for pro-suffrage supporters in Lexington as they fought to secure the right for women to vote.

John Scott Papers, 1803-1833 (subjects: religion, land use, military history)

Contains letters concerning religion, land transactions, and the recruitment of African American soldiers in the military.

Louis Pardue Oak Ridge Institute for Nuclear Studies (ORINS) Papers, 1945-1958 (subjects: nuclear science, atomic age, agriculture, medicine, engineering, education) 0000US155

ORINS promoted education, research, and development programs for nuclear science and atomic energy in the fields of agriculture, medicine, and engineering. UK participated as a member institution and was represented by UK physics professor Louis Pardue. Collection contains annual reports, correspondence, reports, meeting minutes, and publications regarding the program.

Don Pratt Papers, 1970s-2000s (subjects: social justice, civil rights, environment, peace, Vietnam War) 2018MS064

Pratt is a longtime social activist from Lexington, Kentucky, who has been involved in campaigns for peace, social justice, civil rights, and environmental issues. He was imprisoned for refusing the draft during the Vietnam War, worked to integrate UK athletics, marched alongside Martin Luther King, Jr., and helped save the Red River Gorge. This collection contains letters to and from Pratt while imprisoned during the Vietnam War.

Barnstable Colony Legal Papers, 1734-1741 (subjects: law, early American history) 69M95

The Barnstable Colony formed in 1650 as part of Plymouth Colony, in what is now known as Massachusetts. The documents in the collection concern legal matters that took place in the colony from 1734-1741.

J. Winston Coleman Papers, 1803-1940s (subjects: agriculture, race, social justice, history, transportation, history, sociology) 87M32

An author and historian, Coleman wrote about Kentucky history, including transportation, slavery, and the Civil War. He also was a member of Lexington social groups, such as the Book Thieves and the Lexington Camera Club, and he grew hemp during WWII. This collection of papers and correspondence to Coleman exemplify his wide range of interests and could be the basis of many different research projects.

Hunter Foundation for Healthcare Records, 1970s (subjects: health, medicine, sociology, poverty, social justice) 1997MS244

The Hunter Foundation for Health Care was named after two African-American physicians, Dr. John E. Hunter (1859-1956)and his son, Dr. Bush Hunter (1894-1983), both of whom dedicated their careers to the African-American community in Lexington, Kentucky. The Foundation was formed in the early 1970s to provide healthcare to the under-served in Lexington. Collection contains papers collected by Dr. Joseph Engelbert during his time as director of the Foundation’s board of directors.

Jewish Notebook, ca. 1810 (religious studies) 53M74

This handwritten notebook written by an unknown author contains lessons and commentary on the Jewish faith. Little is known about the manuscript, but it provides a point to study Jewish religious education in Kentucky in the early 1800s.

Kate Black Social Activism Papers, 1980s-1990s (subjects: social justice, women’s studies, healthcare, political science, criminal justice) 2018MS003

Former UK Librarian Kate Black is a social activist concerned with issues related to women, LGBTQ, AIDS, and political prisoners. She maintained correspondence with political prisoners Silvia Baraldini and Laura Whitehorn, who both spent time in a Lexington prison. The collection contains files related to Black's personal, local and national activism; collected local and national publications and ephemera on AIDS, LGTBQ rights, political prisoners, and women and prisons.

Samuel Wilson Legal Files, 1870s-1920s (subjects: law, race, social justice, journalism, capital punishment) 2012MS271

Lexington attorney Samuel Wilson’s files contain legal records and newspaper clippings regarding the defense and conviction of Will Lockett, an African American WWI veteran sentenced to death for the murder of Geneva Hardman.

Lexington Cemetery Company Records, 1849-1985, 1860-1930 (bulk dates) (subjects: landscape architecture, business, death and dying, sociology) 1M87M10

Contains records pertaining to time books, financial, payroll, and lot diagrams for the historical Lexington Cemetery.

Seed Catalogs, 1890-1970 (subjects: agriculture, biology, landscape architecture, botany) 1997MS346

The collection of seed catalogs represents nearly one hundred years of popular varieties of flower and vegetable seeds available for purchase by the home gardener.


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