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Current Projects

Projects available for the 2014-2015 academic year are:

Ann Baillie

Ann Baillie 

Cakes & Ale Club records 

Ann Baillie is processing this collection related to prominent Lexington lawyer and library advocate Samuel M. Wilson, who founded the Cakes & Ale Club. The collection relates to lawyers, literature and dinner parties, but is relevant as a piece of local history. Baillie is a sophomore in the Honors Program majoring in English with a minor in Writing, Rhetoric, and Digital Studies. She is interested in pursuing a graduate degree in Library Science.


Faith vanMeter

Faith vanMeter

Narcotics Farm “hidden collection”

Faith vanMeter is compiling a variety of primary sources to document the history of Lexington’s “narcotics farm,” which treated and experimented on individuals with substance abuse issues from the early through mid-20th century. VanMeter's work dovetails with her current research on drug treatment and policy in the United States. VanMeter is a senior and a Chellgren Fellow majoring in psychology, with plans to pursue a advanced studies degree in Clinical Psychology.


Kristen Thornsberry     Lauren Farmer

Thornsberry                                                Farmer

Faulconer, Johnstone, Shelby,  Tevis and Potter papers

Lauren Farmer and Kristin Thornberry are processing this larger collection of various family papers documenting Kentucky history on such topics as the hemp industry, Southern economics, slave records and genealogy. Farmer is a senior majoring in secondary Social Studies Education interested in pursuing a graduate degree in Library Science. Thornsberryis a junior majoring in History with a minor in Appalachian Studies interested in pursuing a graduate degree in Library Science.