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In the Shadow of Cortés: From Veracruz to Mexico City

This travelling exhibition by Kathleen Myers and Steve Raymer is based on 61 interviews conducted between May 2006 and May 2008 with people living along the “Ruta de Cortés” and will be on display at the University of Kentucky Special Collections Research Center from October 23rd through December 2015.  

Compelling and rare materials include:

    • A 1534 map of Mexico-Tenochtitlan, probably derived from the 1524 map by Hernán Cortés, representing Tenochtitlan as an ideal medieval island-city.  (from Libro di Benedetto Bordone, 1534)

    • A 16th century manuscript (codex) with native Mesoamerican iconography depicts the violent clash between the Mexica (Aztecs) and Spaniards. (Historia de las Indias de Nueva España e Islas de la Tierra Firme, c. 1581, by Diego Durán, Courtesy of the Spanish National Library, Madrid)

    • Contemporary interior image of the Hermitage of the Rosario, built in 1523 at the edge of Antigua, as the first chapel in Mesoamerica.

Photographs in the exhibition were taken in May 2008.


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