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Women of Strength and Mind: The Suffrage Question in Kentucky

The University of Kentucky Libraries Special Collections Research Center (SCRC) has opened Women of Strength and Mind: The Suffrage Question in Kentucky, which will run through 2019 to celebrate the anniversary of the 19th Amendment. The exhibit, on view in the Great Hall of the Margaret I. King Library, features items from SCRC collections, including photographs, broadsides, and postcards that highlight the struggle for women’s suffrage in Kentucky. The exhibit examines the stereotype of the “suffragette” as well as the racism that fueled the suffrage movement, especially in southern states.


From Separate to Unequal: School Integration in Lexington and Louisville

Exhibit on display in the SCRC Lobby, February 4 - March 22

In 1954 and 1955, the United States Supreme Court ruled in two Brown v. Board of Education decisions that states must, “with all deliberate speed,” dismantle public school systems that separated black and white children along racial lines. In Kentucky, communities were fighting for and against integration long before the Brown decisions, and the landmark cases were one—seminal, pivotal—point in a struggle that continues to this day. This exhibit focuses on Lexington and Louisville, homes to two of the largest public school systems in the state, where the process of integration moved in fits and starts. The photographs, pamphlets, video, speeches, and news clippings track where the fight for racial equality has been and where it’s going now. From activists Robert Jefferson and Lyman T. Johnson to parents Sandra Hampton and Crystal Meredith to judges Mac Swinford and John G. Heyburn II, the exhibit traces the halting path that integration has taken. This path was sometimes hindered, sometimes prodded by larger currents for and against desegregation within the Commonwealth and throughout the nation. 

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