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Equipment & Room Reservations

Computer Lab

Located within the Agricultural Information Center (AIC) is a student computer lab that currently houses 30 PCs and two Mac computers. These computers are available to any faculty, student, or staff with a UK ID and password and feature all the Microsoft Office 2010 Software, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Access. There are six computers located near the front of the AIC that point to the VirtualDEN and require a UK ID and password. For non-UK affiliated visitors, two open stations are also located near the front of the AIC and are available to any patron with a library barcode. Library patrons can use these machines for up to one hour per day, or seven hours per week. Open stations are used primarily for internet access and do not include the MS Office software. These computers are available for use anytime the AIC is open.

Training Room

Also located within the AIC is a small classroom with 19 desktop computers. These machines run Windows 7 with MS Office 2010 software. This classroom is used for training purposes at the request of UK faculty or staff, primarily for teaching specialized software. Librarians also use it for information literacy sessions, including database skills instruction. This training room is only available during regular hours and requests must be approved by Beth Reeder or Valerie Perry. For more information, see the Training Room Policy (.pdf format).

To request the training room, please stop by the AIC circulation desk or contact Beth Reeder (