Helms-Cravens Library, Western Kentucky University

Type of Library


Library Director

Connie Foster

Selection Percentage


OCLC Symbol


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Lending Policy

General Policy:

Usually 28 days for non-reference titles that circulate. Periodicals do not circulate.


Usually 28 days.

Photocopying Service

Paper: Cost per copy: 10 cents
Fiche: Cost per copy: 25 cents
Film: Cost per copy: 25 cents
Fiche-to-fiche: no cost

Reference Service

Type of services offered: Documents reference is done through the Central Reference Desk with directional assistance available in the documents department.

Electronic Services

Patrons are assisted in using CD-ROMs and Internet databases through the Central Reference Desk.

History & Description

Date library became a depository: 1934

Type of designation: Representative

Special Collections: Housed at the Kentucky Library & Museum.

Special area(s) emphasized: education, law, business, agriculture, health, defense.

Special housing arrangements: With the exception of documents on reference, most documents are housed in the documents department.

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