Ekstrom Library, University of Louisville

Type of Library


Library Director

Robert Fox

Selection Percentage


OCLC Symbol


KLN Symbol


KULS Symbol


Lending Policy

General Policy:

Lend all but reference and periodical titles.


Lend all but reference and periodical titles.

Photocopying Service

Paper: Cost per copy 25 cents*
Fiche: Cost per copy 25 cents*
Film: Cost per copy 25 cents*

*If there is a charge.

Reference Service

Type of services offered: Reference, research assistance & bibliographic instruction.

Electronic Services

Email & chat assistance.

History & Description

Date library became a depository: 1925

Type of designation: Sen.

Special Collections: Census (all states), War of the Rebellion series, UN pubs, KY pubs, Public Papers of the President, FR, CFR, Congressional Record.

Special area(s) emphasized: Demographics, Urban, Economics, Congressional, Geology, Education, Environment, Commerce, Health, Crime, Labor, Military History.

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