Let's Talk Documents, No. 66, January-September, 1998


For the first time all Kentucky depositories were required to complete a self-study to help the Government Printing Office (GPO) determine which depositories should be inspected in 1999. To help with this process, KLA/GODORT sponsored a panel discussion at our Spring Meeting in May to share thoughts and advice on this new process. Our old friend and colleague, Cindy Etkin, was able to join us as a resource person for this discussion in her capacity as a GPO inspector. Other members of the panel were: Julie Lewis (Morehead), Phil Yannarella (Northern) and Brenda Fuller (KDLA). All self-studies were returned by the deadline, and are currently being reviewed by GPO inspection team staff.


The regional depository collection and the Federal Depository Team have finally moved into the new William T. Young Library (though not necessarily settled!), so all of our contact information has changed! If you need to contact us, we can be reached by phone at 8a59-257-0500, ext. 2142, and by fax at 859-257-0508. Our mailing address is:

Regional Depository Services
William T. Young Library
University of Kentucky
500 S. Limestone
Lexington, KY 40506-0456

We can be reached via e-mail at govpub@uky.edu.


Mary Quin, Government Documents Librarian at the Louisville Free Public Library for the past ten years, retired this summer to spend more time with her family. Mary was instrumental in organizing the huge depository weeding project at LFPL. Her enthusiasm will be sorely missed, but we wish her the best!


Gary Austin is taking on the title of Government Documents Librarian at Morehead State University in addition to his work as the Interlibrary Loan Librarian, to free Julie Lewis to work full-time in the area of library technology. Glad you were willing to join our small, but select, group, Gary!

Cynthia Jasper-Parisey is the new Government Documents Librarian at Thomas More College. Welcome, Cindy!

Kevin Kretschmer is the new (sort of -- came to KSU last Fall!) Government Documents Librarian at Kentucky State University. He comes to us from the Chicago area where he worked in several public libraries. Kevin has a master's degree in film studies from the University of Iowa to go with his degree in library science from Dominican University (formerly Rosary College). He is also a devoted husband and father of two sons. Welcome, Kevin!

Rosemary Meszaros is the new Government Documents/Law Coordinator at Western Kentucky University's Helm-Cravens Library, the position formerly held by Cindy Etkin, one of GPO's newest inspectors. Rosemary comes to us with fifteen years of experience as a Documents Librarian at Boston University and UC-Santa Barbara. Rosemary says she caught the "documents fever" while in library school at LSU, and has never found a cure! She is currently working on a second master's degree in History from California State University -- Dominguez Hills (one of those distance learners we've all been hearing about!), and also has an interest in Preservation. Welcome to the Bluegrass State, Rosemary! Rae Shepherd-Schlecter is the new (and former!) Government Documents Librarian at Louisville Free Public Library (LFPL). She has a library degree from the University of Rhode Island, and worked in the depository library at SUNY College at Cortland before coming to Louisville. Rae has been serving as the Patents and Trademarks Librarian at the main branch of LFPL since 1997, so she's been gradually working her way back toward government documents. She is stepping back into this role as a result of Mary Quin's retirement this summer. Welcome back, Rae!

Finally, while this next announcement doesn't exactly qualify as a "new colleague," who knows what the future may bring?!? Jan Wren, Library Director and Documents Librarian at Cumberland College, gave birth to her third child, Jonathan Samuel, on June 2, 1998. Word is that everyone is doing just fine -- congratulations, Jan!


The Government Documents Round Table of the Kentucky Library Association now has its own discussion list that is owned on behalf of KLA/GODORT by current chair, Sandra McAninch. The address is LTD@lsv.uky.edu and it is a self-subscription list, so anyone is free to subscribe, even if they are not a member of KLA/GODORT. If you want to receive issues of our newsletter, Let's Talk Documents (thus the name "LTD" for the list), you MUST subscribe to this discussion list since LTD is no longer being produced in paper.

The editor will be sending this issue of Let's Talk Documents to the LTD list on Oct. 19. If you were not subscribed to the LTD list before that date and you want to receive this issue of the newsletter, please send the editor an e-mail message specifying the e-mail address you want it sent to and what file format the attachment should be. To subscribe to the LTD list, simply send an e-mail message to listserv@lsv.uky.edu and put the following phrase in the body of your message (without quotation marks): "subscribe ltd" .

The chair would like to use this list to keep all KLA/GODORT members better informed in a more timely manner, so we hope you will each subscribe as soon as possible. Once most of you have subscribed, updates will be distributed via this list rather than "snail mail." If receiving this information via e-mail is not a possibility for you, please let the list owner know and you will be sent paper copies of all round table information.

I'm looking forward to an exciting and informative Fall Conference as we discuss the direction the state's "virtual library" is taking, explore the GPO Access system with Barbara Whitener, Kandace Rogers, and Carla Cantagallo, and get some good advice from Phil Yannarella that will help us all adjust to the fast-changing world of electronic government information. The GPO Access pre-conference is scheduled for Wed., Oct. 21, 8:30-11:30 (still room for additional participants to register) -- NOTE: Free bus to U of L will leave the Galt House at 8 a.m., "Federal Information On the Internet: Sights of Sites," 11-noon.

1) Fall Conference at Galt House in Louisville, Oct. 21-23:

Our business meeting and mini-session are both on Fri. a.m., Oct. 23, at the Galt House (see specific times listed above).

Lee Caruthers has arranged for us to have a pre-conference on GPO Access in the computer classroom at Univ. of Louisville's Ekstrom Library on Wed., Oct. 21, 8:30-11:30. Barbara Whitener (UofL), Kandace Rogers (UK), and Carla Cantagallo (UK) have agreed to "team teach" the workshop. Alert your colleagues to this excellent training opportunity!

Proposed Agenda for business meeting:

Approval of minutes from the Spring Meeting (see LTD discussion list)
Sec'y./Treas. Report--Carrie
Chair's report--Sandee
Regional Depository Librarian's report--Sandee
State Publications Librarian's report--Bill
Discussion of Ky. "virtual library" developments
Report on revision of State Plan for Federal Depository Services--Matt
Old business
New business

Please feel free to suggest additions to the above agenda, especially old or new business.

2) Synopsis of Spring Program, business meeting, and reception for retiring Sen. Wendell Ford, Fri., May 29, 9:30-4:30, at Young Library on the Univ. of Kentucky campus:

Dee Wood (local arrangements coordinator), Carrie Stephenson, Julie Lewis, Matt Onion and Bill Richardson all worked hard at arranging our traditional day-long meeting. GREAT JOB!!!!!!!!

a) The morning program focused on the GPO self-study that all federal depositories in Kentucky completed this summer.

b) At our business meeting/luncheon, we made the following decisions:

Do we need both business meeting at Academic Section Spring meeting and our own separate Spring meeting?

Membership voted to continue our separate meeting in the Spring, but to consider scheduling it right before or after the Academic Section's Spring meeting in the same, or nearby, location, when possible.

Discussion of future of our round table:

Membership decided that vitality of round table had improved over the last year, so no consideration of consolidation with another round table is necessary at this time.

Revision of 1990 State Plan for Federal Depository Services:

Matt Onion, Dee Wood, Vickey Baggott, Eileen Haddix and Roxanna Jones all agreed to serve on a revision group. Matt Onion subsequently agreed to convene the group. They were asked to have a draft ready for review at our Fall meeting and implementation on Jan 1., 1999.

c) The reception for Senator Ford was held from 3-4:30 and included tours of the new library. Paul Willis, UK's Director of Libraries, welcomed the Senator and the reception attendees (over 75 people were in attendance, including several representatives from the news media). Sandee McAninch (on behalf of KLA/GODORT), Cindy Etkin (on behalf of GPO), and Jim Nelson, State Librarian, all made presentations recognizing the Senator for his unwavering support for free access to government information and his pivotal role in the passage of the GPO Access bill.


Minutes of KLA/GODORT's
Self-Study Workshop, Business Meeting, and Reception
University of Kentucky
May 29, 1998

Participants at the luncheon meeting included Vickey Baggott, Janet Brewer, Cynthia Etkin, Brenda Fuller, Eileen Haddix, Holly Hedden, Cynthia Jasper-Parisey, Roxanna Jones, Kevin Kretschmer, Julia Lewis, Sandra McAninch, Susan McDaniel, Rosemary Meszaros, Bruce Miracle, Matt Onion, Mary Quin, Carrie Stephenson, Shirl Willis, Dee Wood, and Philip Yannarella. They were joined by Connie Klimke, Cecil Madison, and Miranda McKinney for the morning workshop.

Sandra McAninch, Regional Depository Librarian and KLA GODORT Chair, began the meeting at 10:00 a.m. in the William T. Young Library Gallery. She introduced Paul Willis, Director of Libraries at the University of Kentucky, who welcomed the participants to the newly opened Young Library. Next, participants at the workshop introduced themselves and the status of their FDLP self-studies. Cynthia Etkin, Brenda Fuller, Julia Lewis, and Philip Yannarella then served on a panel discussing the self-study process and responding to participants' questions and concerns. Ms. Etkin, former government information and law coordinator at Western Kentucky University and now an inspector with the Government Printing Office, gave hints for wording the self-study, pointed out flags mandating an inspection, and distributed a handout, Writing the Depository Self-Study. The workshop concluded at noon so participants could move to the Hilary J. Boone Faculty Center for a buffet luncheon and business meeting.

Business Meeting
Ms. McAninch convened the meeting at 1:15 p.m. Rosemary Meszaros moved the distributed minutes from the Spring Academic Section Conference, April 16, 1998, be approved; Philip Yannarella seconded the motion. The motion passed unanimously. Carrie Stephenson, secretary/treasurer, reported that the group has 28 members as of May 12, 1998. On that date the treasury balance was $761.36. Since then, bills for a medallion, $69.50, and the University of Kentucky catering, $256.00, have been submitted, leaving a balance of $435.86.

Chair's Report

The chair thanked all those involved in planning the events for this day. She commended Dee Wood, local arrangements chair, for doing a wonderful job.

Regional Depository Librarian's Report

Ms. McAninch reported two-thirds of the depository collection had moved from the King Library to the Young Library. Hopefully, all moved documents will be on the shelves within two weeks. Documents from the dead agencies, older Dewey items, and the science and engineering collection will remain at King South. The latter collection may move into its own library at some point in the future. The professional movers notified library staff that the King Library collections would not fit into the new building, so two more SuDoc stems and more Dewey materials were added to the "leave behind" list in the last two weeks. The staff will move next week.

The regional library has received exchange lists, but cannot check on the items until everything is shelved, and then the staff may need to shelfread first. That means it will probably be August 1 before the staff can respond to the exchange lists. Ms. McAninch was commended for the regional's new web page that links to every depository library in the Commonwealth through a clickable map. It also has links to services, the state plan, and guidelines. Its URL is: http://www.uky.edu/Libraries/libpage.php?lweb_id=148deprds.htmlllib_id=14

State Publications Librarian's Report

Brenda Fuller, Federal Documents/Circulation supervisor for the Kentucky Department for Libraries and Archives, represented the state in the absence of Bill Richardson, State Publications Librarian. Ms. McAninch reported on the Commonwealth Virtual Library (CVL) which should become a "virtual certainty" in January 1999 with the legislature's approval of the Commonwealth Virtual University (CVU). Miko Pattie, representing the librarians as a staff member of the Council on Postsecondary Education (CPE), has an office at CPE's headquarters in Frankfort. Currently, the Census is the focus for federal government information resources, with a core of state publications to come later. State government publications will be scanned and converted electronically if not already online. Dr. Bill Potter from Georgia is the consultant for the CVL. He visited with various groups in Frankfort, April 13-15, and gives his final report June 17. Mr. Richardson and Ms. McAninch are co-chairs of the Government Information Access Group. Mr. Yannarella, also a member of the group, reported that Mr. Richardson was working on updating the titles on the state publications core list from 1992 to 1995. Northern Kentucky University has a web draft report on the CVU at: http://www.nku.edu/~kycvu/

Old Business

Ms. McAninch reported that she had submitted preferred dates for Mr. Yannarella's proposed mini-session and GODORT's business meeting at the fall conference of Kentucky Library Association (KLA). She has not received notification that these have been approved. Participants considered whether or not GODORT needed both a business meeting at the Academic Section's Spring meeting and its own separate Spring meeting. Eileen Haddix moved that KLA/GODORT hold a business meeting/program at the fall conference of KLA and its own Spring meeting. This meeting may be held in conjunction with the Academic Section Spring meeting, but that is optional. This will enable the group to join with comparable groups in surrounding states or on its own. The motion passed unanimously.

The group also considered the future of the round table. It was decided that consolidation with another round table had no advantages. Concern was expressed about officers circulating among a small core of willing members. Service as an officer helped on self- studies so the participants decided revolving service was not a problem.

New Business

Ms. McAninch indicated that a state plan revision was underway and she needed volunteers to help. Vickey Baggott suggested members use the depository discussion list, KYSELECT, to function as a committee of the whole. Ms. McAninch pointed out this would eliminate GODORT members who do not serve at depository libraries. However, for this project, only depository librarians need to be involved. The chair then encouraged members to subscribe to both KYSELECT and the round table's own discussion list, LTD. Roxanna Jones suggested that a committee of the whole does not work. Instead, she proposed that a smaller committee could send proposed changes to all members for review. Ms. Haddix, Matthew Onion, Ms. Baggott, Ms. Jones, and Ms. Wood volunteered to serve on the committee. They will solicit comments from the group through KYSELECT. The committee was charged to have a draft prepared for the round table's Fall business meeting and an approved plan ready by January 1, 1999.

The meeting adjourned at 2:25 p.m. after which Ms. Jones took interested members on a tour of the Young Library.


At 3:00 p.m. the round table hosted a reception for retiring Senator Wendell H. Ford at the Young Gallery. At 3:30 p.m. Ms. McAninch welcomed the assembled guests and introduced Mr. Willis, who welcomed the group to the Young Library and introduced Ms. Etkin, who represented Public Printer Michael F. DiMario. She thanked Senator Ford for his encouragement and support in making GPO Access' web site a reality. In four years time, it has expanded to 70 services and 700 databases. She noted that Senator Ford received the Madison Award of the American Library Association for furthering access to government information. She gave him the publication Fulfilling Madison's Vision and a tie tack with a depository eagle. After a response from Senator Ford, Ms. Etkin introduced James A. Nelson, State Librarian and Commissioner for the past 18 years. He noted that he once served as a speechwriter for Senator Ford when he was the governor of Kentucky. Mr. Nelson credited his mentor with doing things for the right reasons, always asking what is in it for the little people. He has on his wall the government access bill the Senator brought to fruition. Mr. Nelson then presented a medallion to Senator Ford after which he introduced Ms. McAninch. She commended the Senator for always listening to depository libraries, noting his support in the revision of Title 44, the GPO Access bill, and the recovery of fugitive documents. Ms. McAninch then presented Senator Ford with a certificate of appreciation.

Senator Ford expressed his appreciation for these honors and his elation with the Young Library. He claimed he was only doing what he was supposed to do, what he was elected to do, and expected to do. He noted that he had been inspired by Alexander Hamilton's words, "In these halls, the people's voice shall be heard by their personal representatives." The Senator then told how he enjoyed working with libraries and educators to get education to the people because education is the most important thing people can have. It is the power to adjust to the future and levels the playing field to make life better. Senator Ford concluded by inviting those assembled to seek him out for help after he retires to his office behind his two-car garage in Owensboro. The presentations concluded at 4:00 p.m. with guided tours of the Young Library offered immediately thereafter.

Respectfully submitted,
Carrie C. Stephenson

CONTRIBUTORS TO THIS ISSUE: Sandra McAninch, Carrie Stephenson, Rosemary Meszaros, Rae Shepherd-Schlecter, and Kevin Kretschmer

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