Let's Talk Documents, No. 65, January-December, 1997 (revised Jan. 1998)


Cindy Etkin, Government Information and Law Coordinator at Western Kentucky University, left to assume a position as an inspector with the Government Printing Office in Washington, DC. She began her new position on October 1, the start of the new fiscal year.

In a message distributed via KYSELECT, Cindy said

It has been a real pleasure to work with all of you. Throughout the years I have learned so much from you, my Kentucky colleagues. THANKS. Now I'll have an opportunity to help you and other depositories in new ways in my inspector position.

Cindy Etkin was an enthusiastic, dedicated, hardworking and extremely knowledgeable documents librarian, and the documents community in Kentucky was fortunate to have had the opportunity to take advantage of these attributes. These same strengths, as well as her many other talents, will serve the depository community as a whole as Cindy assumes her new position.

Even as Cindy was preparing to move, she was thinking of the documents community. She recently learned of a Kentucky document, Kentucky Community Health Profiles, from the agency which publishes Kentucky Vital Statistics and has recommended it for ready reference collections as well as for the core collection of Kentucky state government publications. The publication has county level data on such topics as cause of death, number of WIC recipients, number of AFDC recipients, etc. Cindy said she found this document to be extremely helpful.

Cindy also wanted us to know that Holly Hedden will be acting Government Information and Law Coordinator. Holly is a graduate of the UK School of Library and Information Science and was Cindy's Law Library Assistant.

THANK YOU, CINDY! Good-bye and good luck. Keep in touch.


This issue will be the last one produced in paper. Starting with our 1998 issues, Let's Talk Documents (LTD), our regional depository's newsletter, will be distributed via a new, moderated discussion list, LTD@lsv.uky.edu. We will also distribute the electronic newsletter to our depository list, KYSELECT, so it will not be necessary for Kentucky selective depositories to subscribe to the new list. The new list is a self-subscription list, so those LTD subscribers who are not Kentucky selective depository staff members will need to send an e-mail message, subscribe LTD, to: listserv@lsv.uky.edu.

If you have questions about our new electronic newsletter, please contact the list owner, Sandra McAninch, at 859-257-8400 or mcaninch@uky.edu.

If you are a staff member at a Kentucky depository and are not already subscribed to KYSELECT, please send your name, position and e-mail address to Sandee at the e-mail address listed above.

--submitted by Sandee McAninch, UK Libraries


The regional depository staff would like to encourage all depository library staff to start using KYSELECT as not only a communications tool, but as a problem-solving, issue-exploring venue. We here at the regional are hosting the list, but feel that the rest of the depositories in the state ought to determine how it gets used, so let us hear from you.

Since last March when KYSELECT had its inaugural message, the Information Services Team here at UK (the team that the regional depository staff are members of for now) has seen a new team leader, Carla Cantagallo, begin her tenure, replacing Mary Molinaro. Welcome Carla! Carla has been a member of the Information Services Team for the past year and has been managing the Business and Economics Information Center on campus.

We lost the services of Valerie Perry in the exchange list process--she is now devoting all her time to team support and reference collection processing functions.

Most of you know that Gail Kwak, the regional depository technician, left us in May to take a professional position in Louisiana. We were finally able to replace her in August with Miranda McKinney (see Miranda's self-introduction below), who transferred to us from our Circulation Department. She managed the shelving of the SUDOC collection so she knows what she's getting into! We'll make sure you get an opportunity to meet her at KLA in October.

Consequently, the regional depository staff now consists of Cecil Madison, Miranda and myself. Roxanna is still involved in helping us make those infamous corrections from GPO, but now spends more of her time with Kentucky and United Nations government publications, as well as Disabilities Services.

In order to finalize plans for moving our operations to the new building in January, a cross-team study group has been created to make recommendations regarding the technical processing/collection maintenance of the regional depository collection. Will keep you posted as decisions are made. One proposal I plan to make is that we convert our exchange list next Spring to an electronic one via KYSELECT. If you have any thoughts or suggestions about how we might do this, please share them on the list.

If there are specific aspects of our operations that you would like an update on, please just say so. While being an active regional depository staff again is probably still six months away, we hope that this comprehensive study of our operations and the new building will combine to improve our ability to fulfill our regional depository responsibilities more effectively and efficiently once we are back in full-swing. Hope to see you in October.

--submitted by Sandee McAninch, UK Libraries

My name is Miranda McKinney, and as most of you may or may not know, I am the new Federal Depository Technician at the University of Kentucky. I've been learning a lot of new things, and believe it or not, I've actually been having some fun doing my new job.

I am currently attending classes at UK, so as you can imagine, I stay busy. Eventually, I hope to finish my undergraduate degree and go on to get a Master's in Library Science.

I am looking forward to hearing what everyone has to say and to having a chance to talk to some of you. Hopefully, I can learn even more from you.

--submitted by Miranda McKinney, UK Libraries

Kandace Rogers, former Sec'y./Treas. of KLA/GODORT and selector for Government Publications here at UK, gave birth on Sept. 11, 1997, to a healthy little boy, Ian Samuel Rogers. Kandace is now back at work, and both Mom and baby are doing well. Congratulations, Kandace and Brian!!

--submitted by Sandee McAninch, UK Libraries


KENTUCKY DEPOSITORY LIBRARIANS ATTEND GPO'S INTERAGENCY DEPOSITORY SEMINAR IN WASHINGTON, DC: Every spring the Government Printing Office hosts its week-long Interagency Depository Seminar. The Seminar is offered specifically for those federal depository librarians who have three years or less experience in the field of government publications or who have not previously attended the event. The workshop always offers comprehensive coverage of US government information from various federal agencies and the Government Printing Office which provides librarians with an added dimension of reference skills and customer service capabilities.

The 10th Annual Interagency Depository Seminar was held from May 28 through June 4, 1997 in Washington, DC. Approximately 60 librarians were in attendance, including Matte Onion, the depository librarian for Ashland Community College and Dee Wood, the University of Kentucky College of Law depository librarian. As participants, Matt and Dee were able to observe the operations of the Federal Depository Library Program, the instrument for maintaining successful communication lines between its administrators, the federal agencies, and the customers of depository librarians.

The participants spent their first three days at the Government Printing Office where everyone toured the Library Programs Service facility, discussed the processes and responsibilities of the Federal Depository Library Program with the LPS staff and participated in a workshop on the Federal Register/CFR publication system and GPO Access.

Also during that time, attendees heard presentations that were given by the General Accounting Office, Department of Energy, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and the US Geological Survey.

On Monday and Tuesday everyone relocated to the Patent and Trademark Office Academy where participants were involved in several information-packed workshops and presentations on patents, trademarks, copyrights, and the programs and products of the US Census Bureau. The seminar ended at noon on Wednesday after an overview of the Library of Congress National Digital Library activities and a tour of the Serial and Government Publications Divisions of the Library of Congress.

Matt and Dee returned to their respective depositories with bags full of information regarding agency contacts, products and services to share with their fellow librarians and depository customers. They reported that the Interagency Depository Seminar was a great success and encourage all interested librarians to participate in future workshops.

--submitted by Dee Wood, University of Kentucky Law Library


A lot has been going on at MSU. Through the workings of the current budget cycle, we have pushed our reorganization of Documents and Reference up to this fiscal year. As some of you already know, there can be a lot to do to make this change work.

So far the most drastic thing we've done is drop from 30% to 13%. The idea behind this was to give the Reference Department the most concise documents collection I can. I had a long talk with Sheila McGarr about what we're doing and I believe I have her blessing. Our end goal is to have as much of the collection as possible in the online catalog so we're starting with a very concise collection. Our documents technician will be typing offers lists well into the next century.

Our reference staff began documents training last week. Over Christmas break the revised collection will be moved to the first level of the old book stacks right behind the Reference Desk. The part of the collection to be put on offers lists is going to Reference Storage, on the fifth level of the book stacks, directly above the main USDOC collection.

We hope to integrate the reference documents into the reference collection in September. Our circulating CD-ROMs are going to the Learning Resource Center with Dewey numbers to be shelved with our other computer software CD-ROMs. Reference CD's and their computer workstations will be moved to the main reference room in December.

When the Spring 1998 semester begins, my library department will consist of an instructional media lab. By the project's end, the 900's and oversize books from the main Dewey collection will be housed in my department. I will be supporting an instructional media lab on a full time basis. My technician will be going to Technical Services, to devote her time to processing documents. The graphics librarian will be taking his vacation and sick leave before retiring in March. I hope to retain my GA and a student worker. Our graphics services will be disbanded in December also.

I am still the official Documents Librarian for our depository. If we have a new documents person chosen by KLA, I'll bring him/her around for introductions. I have encouraged the Head of Reference, Carol Nutter, to have her person actively involved in KLA/GODORT and have told her many times that I will miss being at your meetings and being a part of your group.

Thoughtful advice is always welcomed. As soon as we have a new documents librarian in place, I'll let everyone know via the list.

--submitted by Julie Lewis, Morehead State University

The Kentucky depository library community wishes Julie the best in her new responsibilities, but wants her to know we will miss her, too. Since this article was first written, a new documents librarian has been chosen. He is Gary Austin, and we'll ask him to introduce himself in the April issue of LTD.


A newly purchased PC workstation has been designated for access to some, now standard, govdoc CD-ROM's, e.g., National Trade Data Bank, OSHA Regulations, Imports/Exports and World Factbook. The new stand-alone workstation was purchased as a gift for the Ashworth Collection on Learning Disabilities but lent itself to the installation of some medium interest CDs which are not networkable. The move to the single workstation freed up space on our LAN server for the remaining networkable CD's, e.g., Statistical Abstract, National Criminal Justice Reference Library, and, of course, the fast receding 1990 Census.

As is the case with many government documents, I've had to promote use of the CD's through increased passive instruction, library/BI tours and future mention in the college ACCents column in the local paper. I do plan to eventually catalog the CDs on NOTIS. I've found a strong corollary between catalog records and increased use of the documents collection among students. With the increasing availability of certain database documents on the Web and gradual eclipse of CD-ROM network sources, the single workstation idea seems to meet our selective's need in the interim.

--submitted by Matt Onion, Ashland Community College



Members of the Government Documents Round Table of the Kentucky Library Association met informally on May 30, 1997 at 2:50 (EDT) at the University of Dayton in Dayton, Ohio. Present were: Vickey Baggott, Cindy Etkin, Carrie Stephenson, Raamesie Umandavi, Phil Yannarella.


New KLA/GODORT Officer Nominees: The nominating committee is composed of Vickey Baggott, Cindy Etkin, Carrie Stephenson and Phil Yannarella. Nominees for Chair are Matt Onion and Dee Wood; for Secretary/Treasurer are Carrie Stephenson and Julie Lewis. These individuals will be contacted to see if they would be willing to serve. It was suggested that the final slate of officer nominees be posted on KYSELECT. A question arose regarding whether all GODORT members were on the listserv or just the depository librarians. (NOTE: Only depository library staff are subscribed to KYSELECT. Others may subscribe to the new list, LTD.)

UPDATE: If you would like to "throw your hat in the ring" for either position, please let Roxanna know by September 19th.

Fall Meeting Program: Cindy Etkin and Phil Yannarella agreed to put together a program on Internet connections entitled "Will the World Wide Web be Your Information Net in the 21st Century?" The program blurb would read, "Tangled in the Web, Learn how to find government information through specially designed navigation tools so you don't get caught in the Web." This program would require approximately 2 hours and a room that could accommodate 200+ people.

UPDATE: We were not able to submit our program idea in time for it to be included in the Fall Conference schedule.

Meeting adjourned at 4:15 p.m.

Respectfully submitted, Vickey L. Baggott Secretary/Treasurer


CONTRIBUTORS TO THIS ISSUE: Vickey Baggott, Cindy Etkin, Roxanna Jones, Julie Lewis, Sandra McAninch, Miranda McKinney, Matt Onion, Dee Wood

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