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Chemical Abstracts (CA) includes extensive coverage of general chemistry and chemistry-related disciplines such as biochemistry, materials science, physical chemistry, pharmacy and chemical engineering. It indexes over 8,000 journals, patents worldwide, technical reports, conference proceedings, books, and dissertations, and contains over 16 million abstracts. In addition, it provides compound identification. The registry file contains more than 22 million substance records, including more than 16 million organic compounds and 3 million biosequences. In an average working day, CAS adds approximately 2,500 document records and 11,000 substance registrations.

SciFinder contains abstracts and structures. See the SciFinder Scholar website for additional information.

Please remember to run your searches in Reaxys. The two databases cover different time periods and are complementary. Neither one alone provides a complete chemical search.

One may search by:

  • Chemical Substance or Reaction: Explore chemical substances by chemical name, chemical structure, formulas, or CAS Registry Numbers.
  • Research Topic
  • Author Name
  • Specific Reference: Find literature by CA abstract number or patent number.

With SciFinder Scholar, you can also:

  • Get reactions, starting from structures of interest
  • Find specific CA journal or patent abstracts by entering the abstract or patent numbers
  • Refine your answer set by author name, document type, or publication year

Contact Jan Carver with any questions or problems.

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Vendor Name CAS Scifinder Scholar

Coverage 1907 - present (plus c. 7,600 pre-1907 journal records)

Update Frquency daily

Special Usage Notes

Research Guides Chemical and Materials Engineering, Chemistry

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