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Annual compilation of data about development, with access to more than 550 development indicators, with time series for 208 countries and 18 country groups.

Access Information Free resource - available to everyone on the Internet

Vendor Name World Bank

Coverage 1960 - present

Update Frquency annually

Special Usage Notes

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Research Guides Business, Countries, International Resources, Reference Sources

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Covers long-term projections for supply and demand of oil, gas, coal, renewable energy sources, nuclear power and electricity. In even numbered years, the projections for demand and supply of oil, gas, coal, nuclear power, electricity and renewable resources for the world and each major region to 2030 are covered. In odd numbered years, a comprehensive analysis of a topic or challenge facing the energy world is explored.

2013 Requires password--ask at library service desks; restricted to five simultaneous users. World Energy Outlook 2013 (pdf file)

Free Access:

Access Information Access restrictions - Contact a library service desk or Ask a librarian.

Vendor Name International Energy Agency

Coverage 1994 - present

Update Frquency annual

Special Usage Notes

Most recent edition restricted to one user at a time. Password restricted. Acquire passwords at any campus library service desk.

Research Guides Business Countries, Engineering, International Resources, Reference Sources,

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