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Find/Identify Articles:

  • Locate databases by name/keyword and read the description to see if it is for your subject. For example, if you are searching for articles about the works of Kentucky writer Bobbie Ann Mason, look for literature in the databases search, then look for Bobbie Ann Mason and/or her works in the database(s) that look useful for this type of search.
  • Locate databases by subject. Use the Research Guide to find recommended databases by subject. Use Get Text at UK to see if the full-text of the article is available.

Get Articles (by  journal, magazine or newspaper name):

Use Databases to Find and Get Articles Right Away

Search databases using keywords and subjects (also called descriptors) to identify articles that will be useful for your research. Use databases to clearly identify and get the article you want if you already know something specific about it: the title or author, for example.

Get Text @ UK

UK Full-Text Options

The Get Text icon (above) can lead you to copies of the articles or journals cited in a databases. It also provides a link to the University of Kentucky Libraries' catalog, InfoKat, which lists, by the title of the journal, magazine or newspaper, all of the publications we have available in paper. 

To find a journal that contains the article you want, search the E-Journals Database, which lists, by the title of the journal, magazine or newspaper, the publications for which we provide electronic full-text of articles. Note that many of these electronic titles have limits to the dates for which they can provide the full-text.