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October 29, 4-6 PM
Gatton Student Center Ballroom

Free wonders, oddities, coffee and snacks!

Did you attend the fair?  Give us your feedback!  Thanks for helping us plan for next year!

Join UK faculty, staff and students as we celebrate the importance of curiosity in higher education. The fair will feature a number of “Curiosity Stations” hosted by faculty, staff and students from a wide variety of colleges and departments on campus. There will be cookies, coffee, and opportunity for informal conversation and networking.  Everyone is welcome!  Come and go at any point during the fair - stay as long as you like!

Check out details about confirmed Curiosity Stations so far on our Demos page.  Confirmed demos include:

  • Bacterial hand-to-hand combat
  • The Curiosity of Magic and Illusion
  • Neuroscience of Mind Control: Bring your friend and control their body!
  • Stinky, squishy, fuzzy, and dead: Plants get sick too!
  • Using zebrafish to find new cancer therapeutics
  • Welcome to the World of Asian Superheros
... and many more!

Join us for the 2nd UK Curiosity Fair
October 29, 4-6 PM, Gatton Student Center Ballroom

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